Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girls would you kick a boy in the balls if you are taking a self defense class?

I%26#039;m a boy and I%26#039;m taking a self-defense class. The instructor said they do teach kick to groin attacks, it is shown through pads, not on the male students.

My question is:

would you girls knee, kick, punch any of the guys in the balls for real practice? Would you pretend it was an accident? Would you laugh at him after wards?

What if the guy asked you to do it, and said he was wearing a cup?

What if the boy asked you to do it but he was not wearing a cup? Would you kick him?|||sounds like you have a fettish about this!as many keep saying there are much better target then the groin. however if the male groin is a target.then the guys should be allowed to target the breast and female groin.|||Ive trained in the martial arts for 6 years and I%26#039;m a blackbelt in kempo karate. we had many self defense techniques and even though they may have had a knee to the groin or a kick we never actually did. Its a fake one you wouldnt elbow a person to the head in a technique either but its still in it. If your worried about sparring it shouldnt happen there either but wear a cup in case. If you laugh at a person when theyre down you could get kicked out of the studio karate is serious. Finally under no circumstance should the guy ask that in the first place. Hope I helped?|||listen i%26#039;ve been in martial arts for 9 yrs and thats never happened to me don%26#039;t worry about it hola519 is just being immature nobody is going to do that its just one of those things you don%26#039;t do out of respect for everybody|||yea, its for self defence....

but i would silently laugh in my head or it just might slip out.....

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