Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's the worst punishment they can give you for killing somebody in self-defense?

Let%26#039;s say someone attacked you in a secluded area, you fought them off and killed them in the process. When the police arrive all they see is you and a bloody crime scene. There were no eye-witnesses so no one can be sure that you only killed them in self-defense.

What%26#039;s the worst they can throw at you? Voluntary manslaughter?|||the worst they can throw at you is murder. If you can prove self defense, however, you are excused from all charges.|||Why not murder, under reckless indifference? (Your opponent was a 98 pound 5%26#039;1 woman, and you%26#039;re 6%26#039;5 and 205, and there were no weapons used by the the other person.)

Also, did you know the person, and if so, could you have lured them there with the intent to kill them? Or felony-murder doctrine, if they believe you intended to take his or her car / rape / whatever.

(I know you said self-defense, but what can be thrown at you is a matter of the facts they have to support a charge, not necessarily what actually occurred.)

Self-defense is a defense for the crime to become a justifiable homicide - seems to me they could run the gamut of homicide offenses dependent upon the situation.|||In Nebraska it%26#039;s murder if they were unarmed. You can only do a little worse to them than they could have done to you, if I understand the law correctly.|||ur going to need the best lawyer around your area . because there was so little evidence . and no witnesses .

good luck with that .|||The burden of proof is on the govt to prove it was manslaughter, not self defense. It is tough to do, even tougher in front of a jury. Stay away from secluded areas.|||If you can prove self-defense, you won%26#039;t be penalized at all. Get a good lawyer.|||If your plea of self-defense sticks, they can only come after you for going too far...say negligent homicide perhaps. In that particular scenario, the outcome wouldnt look good, unless you had a bomb lawyer. Which I would get in that situation regardless of my finances.|||Probably manslaughter if you can prove so.

If the evidence doesn%26#039;t support your claim they can get you for murder.|||The worst is Murder!

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