Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do women self defense classes really work?

Im going to college and i hear of alot of women getting attacked and i was thinking of taking self defense classes for women but do they really work?|||it would work if you have years of experience, but if anything it will build your self confidence to stick up for yourself and thats usually all you%26#039;ll need. especially near a college environment.|||They are absolutely rubbish. Effective self defense should work for anyone, not just women or men. Additionally, the martial arts are dangerous in street fights. Let me explain a few reasons why.

1.)Stance- Understand your enemy is not a manikin, they are in fact someone who means to do you incredible levels of harm. If you go to an on-guard position and they see it, your going to get hurt. I don%26#039;t care if you are fresh out of the military, don%26#039;t stance. It only tells them your going to fight.

2.) Weapons - I have only heard of a single womens self defense class covering weapons. Understand that people that attack women tend to be after money or gratification, they will have weapons and they will use them.

3.)defense - seriously? if you want to lose a fight only learn half of the martial arts. even an MMA fighter will lose if they only block and counter. I think that the best defense is taking out your enemy in a single brutal assault. If someone fights me I am not going to wait for them to hit me.

This is my advice, if you are serious about learning to protect yourself learn real combat systems. Noticed I said combat systems and not martial arts. Don%26#039;t get me wrong, the martial arts can and will save anyone in combat situations if you put in the proper time, learn, and practice constantly. This is like a three year thing. If you want general self defense you can learn in 3-6 months you want a combat system. Look for Krav Maga courses in your area. This is a brutal combat system that will get you out of a street fight.

My next recommendation is weapon up. If they are going to use weapons, your best defense is a better weapon. Get a high quality weapon that can be easily concealed on your person. Don%26#039;t put it in your purse because they are proberably going to steal your purse. I suggest simple and effective weapons. There are many weapons designed for this purpose and they will come in handy. I personally recommend a knife. They are very useful for more then just fighting and are easy to use. My second recommendation is a folding baton. They break bones and add distance between you and your attacker.


Silence|||yes yes|||They usually only teach you enough to be dangerous --- to yourself. It takes years of training for your body to automatically perform the self defense activities. Otherwise you will get yourself into a situation that you cannot handle.|||A lot of it is plain fluff. Please head on over to and join in on the chats they have. You will find a wealth of info on all of the fighting arts and can ask detailed questions over there.|||YES.. take the class, they teach you to be aware of your surrounding too. plus if you learn self defense you must continue to practice what you have learned or you WILL be a danger to yourself..

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