Saturday, November 14, 2009

What do you think is the most effective type of self-defense?

I feel its Krav Maga, but i have a biased opinion since i have seen it used in real life on the streets against an armed opponent, if you don know what Krav maga is, its an Israeli self defense taught around the world, its main idea is stop your attacker, defend yourself, get away, but i want to hear other peoples thoughts |||i%26#039;ve seen krav maga and its like hell, the countered guy did not have enough time to react, this is true even when the attacker has a gun or whatever... but i%26#039;d still favor running away..

but as long as a particular style is in concern, i%26#039;d take my hats-off to the monks in song shan.. they are usually underrated and are said to be nothing more than a circus performer, but seriously has anyone of us seen the diamonds in action? (diamonds are those monks with nine dots in their head, this signifies their martial proficiency) I have one of those rare oppurtunities and when i saw(heck i didnt even see all the moves) what the monk did to his opponent(real life situation, armed robber) i was the one stunned.. i mean, damn those bald guys,%26quot;how%26#039;d he do that?%26quot; WTF, those were my expressions.. |||krav maga, it puts you in real life situations and is very usefull.

you can also do muay thai and get in very good shape. this way no one will wnat to mess with you and if so, you can use your muay thai skills

|||best defense is ,to do you joband avoit trobls, do not foul aruound with mary women and girls withents.avoid dringing in the bars.olso avoid insolting people .guns are not the answer of self defens.but you alwes a gun is good to have|||...Smith %26amp; Wesson. (what Mr. Smith didn%26#039;t know about %26quot;self-defence%26quot;, Mr. Wesson did). I favor the .357 magnum, 158 gr. hollow-point, super-vel cartridge to go with it.|||The one that fits you best. Wing Chun fits me the best and i enjoy it, so it%26#039;s the most effective type of self defense and it%26#039;s a way of life for ME.|||krav is Fing bad *** but it all depends on who ur fighting and if his armed and all that other sh!t that factors in. i love ju jitso but thats more of a ground defense with a lot of submission technic|||I always liked a kempo or a Jujitsu it is a well rounded with stand up fighting and ground fighting along with throws.|||most efficient self defence dont be there that way you dont have to do anything and you wont be hurt.|||Jui-jitsu|||Gun. Put me in a fight with 100 Krav Maga experts. I%26#039;ll kill every one of them with a 9mm.|||voodoo magic|||Using your mind!|||Self Defense:

A Gun.... Period!

I hide mine in my hair!|||krav maga is the best|||A gun|||AK 47|||Wing Chun Kung Fu|||guns|||gay slaps

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