Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do you think self defense is important for women?

I want to take a self defense class in jiu jitsu, but my boyfriend and my mom think I should take a class to further my education instead.

What do you think is more important?|||You should take both martial arts and education. Martial arts can give you more confidence, make you more assertive, and you won%26#039;t have to take strife from anyone. Don%26#039;t let your mom and bf make your decisions for you. You are a grown woman with your own mind, right? Besides, it%26#039;s a dangerous world out there for women these days and self-defense is vital out in the world.

VIVA LA RAZA!|||That is are learning to use your mind and body, stay in shape and be able to protect yourself.|||Why, they are women? They should be cooking or cleaning or having babies, and if a man wants to violate her, then it is his right As A MAN to do so. Women have no say, they%26#039;re WOMEN!|||They%26#039;re probably right- with their big practical thinking logic- But Jiu Jitsu sounds like SO MUCH more FUN! And hey, what good is being smart if some serial killer sneaks up behind you in the parking lot? |||I think it is a great idea! This helps build confidence and that can improve your life in ways you might not have expected it to. |||

absolutely, more so, if you are staying alone.|||It is pretty useless, women have to rely on charm because if a man wants to harm them, then self defense won%26#039;t be enough to make up for the speed, strength and size difference.|||I wouldn%26#039;t say it%26#039;s about what is more important as both are of value on different levels. I feel that something you can use in a sense of daily living if needed is useful. I had my daughter take a self defense course. I am glad she did, I saw in one of those that she can flip a man that is much taller and bigger than she is and he had a padded suit on. It%26#039;s important to be taught other than the physical ways to make that a defense as well. Those classes teach more than hands on defense. I saw the instructor go over that as well then.

I feel the money for that was well spent and hope she never has to use this but I have the peace of mind she is able to if she ever needed also.

In today%26#039;s world you can never be left uable to defend yourself I feel. I got my daughter self defense lessons for under $100 . They are offered at different martial arts studios. Call and check around for the pricing.

|||Both. Carry on your further education by all means. Don%26#039;t know where you are from but once upon a time we used to live in fear of men. Now we live in fear of teenagers. This country is overrun by violence and its all caused by out of control children basically. I still further my education, even as an adult, but i make damn sure i do my martial arts as well.|||self-defense is definitely important, but martial arts would only help a little. It%26#039;s better to take a self-defense course designed for women. It shouldn%26#039;t conflict with any other classes.|||Your education. For us girlz it is always handy to learn a few moves though, considering how many assholes there are out there.

Why can%26#039;t you just do what you want? Sod them! I would, its my life I can do what I like within reason.

Its not harming anyone if you do.... |||I am absolutely opposed to the idea of you taking a self defense class. If I wanted to have my way with you, or take your purse, or anything like that, I would not want you to be able to resist my will. I certainly don%26#039;t want to get hurt doing it. I don%26#039;t want to have a weapon, because that makes it a more serious charge if I get caught, so, please, be defenseless.

I also don%26#039;t see how taking a self defense class interferes with furthering your didactic education.

Is there a school in your area that offers a self defense class as a gym credit?||| Women are the main target of thieves because they see you as weak and defenseless. prove them wrong. you and your school should be able to work something out with you. Also it%26#039;s not like martial arts classes take all day, just take an afternoon one when your classes are over.

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