Saturday, November 14, 2009

Self defense...?

Can anyone tell me some self defense step by step pictures.

So I can print it and make it in a book?

I%26#039;ll give 10 points to whoever I think is the best.|||

a whole bunch of different types of self defense pictures for you there|||well, i can give you some images, but in all honesty, reality self defense must be felt to be understood.. and i%26#039;m not talking about karate or tkd, not even kickboxing or boxing.. i%26#039;m talking about standing in the middle of a group and a guy with a huge mugger man suit comes up and grabs you around the neck and tries to pull you away.. that%26#039;s when you find out if you%26#039;re capable of being as bad @$$ as you think you are..


here are some step by step techniques from commando krav maga:

the details are at the bottom of the images it tells you from 1,2,3 and so on what each picture represents...

check these out also:

however if you want some really good images i%26#039;d suggest you go to your local barns %26amp; nobles and grab a copy of blackbelt mag. or inside kung fu. they always have some nice step by step photo guides..

hope this helps!

~*good luck*~|||just go to google and type self defence on images, ull get a whole bunch!!|||1.



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Now where%26#039;s my 10 points? : P|||hopkido is the best for laymen martial arts enthusiasts

also the thumb ( the thumb can bring shaq down done right) and ears are very vulnerable all joints have pressure points that can be manipulated for effect|||im not writing a book for you!|||buy a book on self defense... there are too many to list.

try get one for 5 bucks.|||Here are some pictures|||1. load gun

2. point

3. shoot

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