Monday, November 16, 2009

Where can I learn self-defense moves and tactics?

Does anyone here know where online i can learn self-defense techniques? I get into fights in school that i%26#039;d rather avoid, so I thought maybe i can just immobilize them and run away.

So any good sites that teaches self-defense techniques?|||The internet is a good place to learn ABOUT Martial Arts, but it is not a good place to LEARN Martial Arts.

Learning the proper way to execute the various kicks and punches found in any style of Martial Art requires the visual assessment and correction of an experienced instructor. That means the instructor must be present in order for him to see what you are doing wrong and correct it.

Only learning one or two things is not the solution. What if they don%26#039;t work? Now you have sent a message to your opponent that you are ready and able to fight, when you are actually neither. If I am your opponent and you throw some technique at me that is obviously something that only a trained Martial Artist would throw, I am going to immediately assume you are a worthy opponent and I am going to respond with everything in my arsenal.

I know you think that if you can learn a couple of things, and as you put it, %26quot;Immobilize%26quot; them long enough for you to run away, that%26#039;s all you need, but what if it doesn%26#039;t work? What if you only succeed in pissing him off more, then what?

Get some REAL training, not cyber training.|||If you look in answered questions, you will find that many people say that online and book learning is completely ineffective. They will also give out detailed reasons for why it is so ineffective.|||If you have any Bruce Lee, Jet Li or even Jackie Chan movies just watch them. Study them though by watching them loads. You%26#039;d be surprised at what you can pick up. As all these movies are choreographed|||You get beat up a lot and want to learn how to fight.

You don%26#039;t need to learn how to fight, you need to exercise more.|||A little Knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Go to a dojo rather than learn something half-arsed. You will either hurt someone more than intended and go to jail or, more likely, think you are better than you are and get your **** kicked.

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