Monday, November 16, 2009

Has anyone had to use Pepper Spray on someone, for self defense?

How effective was the pepper spray when it comes to self defense?|||Yep, I%26#039;ve had to use it twice. My only piece of advice is to make sure the wind is not blowing in your direction. The first time I was mugged, I sprayed it toward my attacker and the wind was blowing my way so it went into my face. Not being able to see and in severe pain, I had to use the next available weapon I had which was a book bag heavily loaded with grad school books. Thankfully, it did enough damage to stop the attack. The second time was more successful, I got the attacker in the face, he instantly released his grip on me to put his hands to his face giving me valuable time to escape. But, now every time I find myself walking alone and get that intuitive feeling of not being safe, I check the wind while I get my finger on the trigger.|||No, but i keep it close by

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