Monday, November 16, 2009

I believe girls should NEVER kick a guy where it hurts the most, even in self defense?

First of all, it%26#039;s unfeminine!

Second, they%26#039;re a guy%26#039;s babymakers, and being bruised or damaged could cause infertility!

It%26#039;s humiliating and unfair since the weaker sex doesn%26#039;t have similar external organs and so can%26#039;t realize the incapacitating agony it causes!

In self defense, it%26#039;s considered just as effective to attack the shins and knees!|||Um... I%26#039;m sorry but if a guy is trying to KILL or RAPE me I%26#039;m not going to stop to consider where would be a fair place to hurt him, because I%26#039;m not going to be worrying about whether he%26#039;ll be able to father children in the future since.... yenno.... HE SHOULDN%26#039;T!|||Use it for good and not evil and it won%26#039;t get kicked up into your abdomen.

When a guy is trying to rape a girl he isn%26#039;t trying to shove his shins or knees into her.

If a guy ever trys to rape me, I am going to make sure its going to be impossible for him to do so. Kicking, hitting, twisting, ripping anything I can do disable him so he can%26#039;t rape me.

And actually gouging someones eyes out would be most effective.

You know you can completely avoid ever getting kicked in the nuts.

Don%26#039;t attack a female, its that plain and simple.

Don%26#039;t try to rape, mug or do anything hurtful or unlawful to a female and you won%26#039;t get kicked in the nuts.

And its fair because guys are stronger than females and your nuts there for the kicking even the playing field.|||I think the reason a guy has such sensitive parts is so a girl can use it against him in self defense. You have to understand guys overpower girls so easily, and sometimes girls arent strong to kick them hard enough in the shins or knees, and guys can often recover faster with a kick there as opposed to a kick in the crotch. If a guy threatens a girl, of course she has the right to kick a guy there.

* %26quot;First of all, it%26#039;s unfeminine!%26quot;

It%26#039;s very un-gentlemen-like to make a woman feel so threatened she kicks you there.|||Really now?

Well, let%26#039;s weigh the options.

1) Get raped

2) Get kidnapped

3) Get killed

4) Kick him where it hurts and have a chance of getting away.

Yeah, I think I%26#039;m going to go with four here. Honestly, if I feel threatened by a guy, I%26#039;m not exactly going to stop and think about what wouldn%26#039;t hurt him; I%26#039;m going to do whatever I have to do to get away, and fast.

And who cares if it causes infertility! If you%26#039;re trying to attack a girl, you don%26#039;t deserve to have babies!

All the girls in my grade get to take self-defense class this year, and let me tell you, I cannot WAIT!|||So you%26#039;re saying that if a man tried to rape a girl, a swift kick to the shins would deter him? Of course it wouldn%26#039;t, and you know it. The girl does whatever she needs to to defend herself.

that being said, if it%26#039;s just hanging out with friends or something and you get in a petty little word fight, and she just kicks you, that%26#039;s not nice. But if you%26#039;re in a fist fight with a girl, yeah, she%26#039;ll do what she has to to win the fight against a guy who%26#039;s bigger, stronger, and probably more experieced at fighting.

And just for the record, being punched in the boobs? You have no IDEA how badly that hurts.|||Well, if a guy is trying to rape a girl, its perfectly fine. He should be infertile. And if you punch a girl in the boob it hurts too. Guys are just babies and don%26#039;t know how to handle pain. Girls have to go through much more pain, and you guys just complain about anything. Why don%26#039;t you grow a pair? And you could wear a cup, problem solved.

I hope you can%26#039;t have kids, just so you don%26#039;t raise them to be sexist idiots like you. Why don%26#039;t you go get raped and get pregnant or die from some guy raping you, because you don%26#039;t want to hurt them so they don%26#039;t do worse to you.|||If your about to get raped I don%26#039;t think you%26#039;ll kick the shins and the knees, you%26#039;ll most likely hit where it hurts so that he leaves you alone.

Just think, guys won%26#039;t go crying on the floor if you hit their knee, and if you hit the balls well they might let you go, or well not be able to catch you if you try to run.|||If you%26#039;re defending yourself, I don%26#039;t think you care WHERE you hurt your attacker. I don%26#039;t think it%26#039;s number one priority to hit there, just to hit and make it hurt in general.

Don%26#039;t you think if you%26#039;re being attacked you deserve to hit the scumbag wherever?

And weaker sex? Stop being so high and mighty. It%26#039;s very rude.

It hurts just as much to hit a girl in between her legs. It doesn%26#039;t have to be external.|||Females do have something like that. I%26#039;ll give you two guesses. It%26#039;s below our throats. And that really offended me calling me the %26quot;Weaker sex.%26quot; I%26#039;ll have you know that when i little and was in karate, I could beat up boys at least two belts higher than me.

Anyway, I wouldn%26#039;t kick them there unless he was trying to rape or harm me in anyway. I kciked two different men there. Not hard. Just a little tiny kick. It was in self defense. The both were trying to kill me. What, would just expect us to take it? What is the man was raping a little girl who has no idea how herslef? The only thing she could really do is kick him there. That was REALLY offensive.

And it hurst just as much, if not more if you kick a woman beetween the legs. It dosen%26#039;t matter if we don%26#039;t have an external oragan!|||Ya but girls aren%26#039;t as strong as guys. Plus, guys will take advantage of women in any way possible. It%26#039;s called rape. Read some stories.

I don%26#039;t mean to be that intense about the subject but it%26#039;s the truth. Any women who thinks she is in a bad situation should have the right to kick a guy in the baby maker in self defense. It%26#039;s basically the only thing they can use besides a boyfriend(husband) or mace.|||I think it%26#039;s wrong to do it just %26quot;messing around%26quot; or as a joke. But I DO think it%26#039;s okay with self defense. If a man is doing something to make the girl defend herself, then he sure has hell deserve to be kicked there!

But if men were respectful and didn%26#039;t give a reason for girls to kick them there, then there wouldn%26#039;t be a problem :)

And excuse me, but women are NOT the weaker sex!

How about YOU try to give birth and have your period every month!|||=O

Are you calling us the WEAKER sex?

Dude...if anything, YOU GUYS are the weak ones.

Us lovely girls, according this article:

( )

- Out number you.

- Are less likely to be miscarried.

- Are less likely to develop Autism or Dyslexia.

- Learn languages faster than you.

- Have better vocabularies than you.

- Have better judgment than you.

- Live longer than you.

If a guy grabs me and tries to put me in a van, I%26#039;m not going to care in the least about the pain he%26#039;s going to get from my foot.|||1. What do you mean %26quot;weaker sex?%26quot; Girls are not weaker then boys, their equal! Just because you don%26#039;t like being kicked in the balls, doesn%26#039;t mean you have to be sexiest.

#2. I think it%26#039;s fine in self defense, seeing as the girl could be defending her life, a friends life, or trying to not get rapped. If the guy has a problem with it, then they shouldn%26#039;t attack the girl.

#3. What was the point of this?|||Even in self defense? Wow, you%26#039;re a joker.

The first thing ANY woman worries about when she%26#039;s about to be killed or raped is that the guy needs to stay fertile! %26quot;OH NO! I don%26#039;t want his balls to break! I%26#039;ll sacrifice my life for his balls!%26quot;

Or maybe they worry about not coming across as feminine enough to the guy right before rape? Get off your high horse, fool. And bless the poor soul (I%26#039;m referring to the one of the weaker sex) who can put up with your crap.

Btw, that was sarcasm.

You%26#039;re such a moron. %26quot;Even in self defense%26quot; haha what a joke

Oh, and weaker sex? I%26#039;m a black belt in Karate and could take any guy down if I wanted|||We may not have similar internal organs to hurt, but if you%26#039;re fertile and we have sex with you and get pregnant then we still have to suffer through giving birth, which I bet hurts a LOT more. And that shins and knees bullsh*t is just that...bullsh*t. I was attacked and I kicked the guy in the shins and he just kept attacking me until I kicked him in the balls and managed to get away.|||Yes you make think that, but there are some girls out there that think they shouldn%26#039;t be abused by men, but it still doesn%26#039;t make any difference to the men does it? So why should it make any difference to us. And sometimes kicking in the shins and knees isn%26#039;t as effective.|||And i believe that men should never abuse or rape girls, but what are we going to do about it?

Btw, WEAKER SEX??????

EXCUSE ME for being a girl. I think you%26#039;re getting confused here. From what you are saying, I%26#039;m getting the feeling that the weaker sex is the guys since apparently you can%26#039;t handle that pain. Take it like a man.|||I say they should only do it if they%26#039;re liek being raped or something.

if they are just being attacked, all thats going to do is just make they guy even more angry and get down for a second then they get up with more fury.

It doesn%26#039;t make any sense.|||soooooo.........

what you%26#039;re saying is.......if some creep grabs a young girl and tries to rape or even kill her you don%26#039;t think she should be able to kick him in the balls so she can get away??

thats retarded. theres a couple holes in your theory.

1) no one is gonna give a flying fckk if a girl is unfeminine when she%26#039;s trying to escape from a rapist

2) no one wants some creepy little pedophile bringing children into this world|||I disagree. If I am being attacked and he has my arms and I cannot hit him with my fists I will knee him in the groin to make him let me go so that I can run away.

I don%26#039;t think a woman should do it for no reason, but self defense is a good reason to do just that.|||I%26#039;ve done that to my brother when he is being mean.

I also did it to this really old guy at the movies who was putting the moves on my fourteen year old best friend.

unfeminine? nawww. id rather have my life %26amp; virginity than be %26quot;unladylike%26quot;

%26amp;%26amp; WEAKER SEX?? both sexes are equal|||Thats Stupid. Yeah; a girl shouldnt go around just kneeing random dudes. but if a guy comes all up in her face being a jerk. then he should get kneed. And its obvisously not as effective as a knee or shin kick cuz you wouldnt see a dude on the floor basically crying from jst a freaking shin kick.|||Ohh, I%26#039;m sorry.

%26#039;cause I%26#039;d totally do it in self defense.

Shines %26amp;%26amp; knees can recover quicker. %26amp;%26amp; btw, since when did we all need to be girly %26amp;%26amp; feminine? I consider myself more tom-boyish.

We%26#039;re not the weaker sex, gosh, how sexist can you get?|||so if you were a woman and a man is attacking can get kidnapped or kick a guy where it hurts...what do you do? seriously? not even in self defense? it%26#039;s totally not funny when its not even for a good reason but in self defense sometimes you jsut have to...|||Sorry, I disagree.

Are you telling me that if it was a life or death situation (i.e I was being chased by a rapist) and my only chance of getting away was to kick him there, that I shouldn%26#039;t?

He deserves to be infertile if I am being threatened.

You are a shithead.|||ok this is from a girl. OK SO WHAT IF THE GUY IS GONNA KILL THE GIRL OR SOMETHING IF SHE DOESN%26#039;T USE SELF DEFENSE. IF GUYS COULD BE LESS VIOLENT THEN IT WOULDN%26#039;T MATTER!|||It%26#039;s our natural advantage.

If an attacker exposes his aroused penetrating weapon, he also has to expose his greatest weakness and vulnerability - his balls !

I was taught to kick, knee, or squeeze the life out of them if attacked !!|||So you are seriously suggesting that if I am being attacked by a man with the intent to rape me....I should try and play nice by NOT kicking him in the jewels?

Ha. Try again.

I carry a gun. That man would be LUCKY if all I did was kick him in the groin....|||its not nice, but still. Learn to take it like a man. Dont let them know it bothers you that much. hopefully they move on to something else like dislocating fingers or punching in the nose. always have fun with it.|||If some guy trys to rape me, I still will kick his balls, why? Since I do not want to die. We have to carry the baby and deliver it. I think you can last some pain a few times.|||if you%26#039;re being hurt physically i say kick wherever you can ESPECIALLY down there or on the shins/knees. we are NOT the weaker sex. in fact, you should be %26#039;kicked where it hurts%26#039; just for asking this question!

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