Monday, November 16, 2009

What MOS/career in the army teaches you the most self defense?

Which mos in the army teaches you the most self defense(hand on hand combat etc). Would it be MP? Infantry? Or would it be going Army Ranger or some sort of special ops|||There are many fields in the Army that teach self defense, both hand to hand combat with and without weapons. The thing is, it%26#039;s the Army. And the army sometimes works in strange ways. After your basic training, your can request any of the fields which offers self defense. In order to get to a more intense training, you must first finish one training school and excel in that field. Then you can request another advanced school. And then you must excell at that training school, And then so on and so on. But if your mind and body are into it, then you%26#039;ll do real well. Good Luck|||I%26#039;m in the Army but if you are really into hand on hand combat, you might want to look into the Marines. Even in Boot Camp they start teaching it and you can move up with different belt. You could try for Marine Infantry and try to get into their special ops.

If you are set on Army go for Infantry and try to get Airborne and Ranger school in you contract. Or enlist as 18X, which is Special Forces Canidate, which will get you into most of the hard core fighting schools the Army has to offer.|||master at arms. with airborne ranger schooling

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