Monday, November 16, 2009

How do I learn self-defense quickly?

So I wasn%26#039;t attacked, but there%26#039;s a gang in my neighborhood, so I just want to be prepared. Friend advised me to learn Krav Maga, but there%26#039;s no school in my country to attend to. So is there any webpage that I can learn Krav Maga quickly and free. (And it doesn%26#039;t have to be Krav Maga necessarily, just some self-defense skill)|||Japanese Jiu jitsu I鈥檇 suggest.

Best wishes :)***|||I would learn to pray for my safely cause a gang can hurt you not matter what you can do with your feet %26amp; hands....focusing on seeing them getting distracted with other issues so they don%26#039;t even notice you %26amp; you can go to your local library on line %26amp; see if you put self-defence in the search what they have..they might have books %26amp; tapes that can help you but I will see your being safe from them %26amp; actually get a DVD called %26quot;the secret%26quot; so you can understand what I mean by your mind energy/thoughts/prayers.|||You are trying to learn out of fear - you can never learn.

You are trying to learn with offence in mind - you can never learn.

Forget offence. Tire your opponent with defense.

Concentrate, learn breathing techniques, learn falling techniques, learn imbalancing techniques, learn minimum force, learn to know the movements from the eyes of the opponent. Never underestimate the opponent. Use the force of the oppenent, the strength of the opponent to your advantage. Build stamina, do not show fear in the eyes, do not panic, be composed and watch the movements of the hands and body language of the opponent, use their move to your advantage. Do physical exercises to make your body strong, harden your hands and arms etc for blocks, learn chokes, learn graples and folds. Learn throws, kicks and chops. Do not demonstrate. Do not exhibit. Neither your body nor the skills. Keep these steps in mind. Seek a Master and learn. Practice, practice, and practice. All defense techniques can be converted to offfense techniques. Whatever you learn, learn with devotion. You shall achieve. In old times, in Kalari fight, it used to take 12 years for Meyyorukkam (to tone up the body) and the actual teaching starts after that! with best wishes.|||i%26#039;m sure you already do, but just try to stay %26#039;under the radar%26#039; - keep your valuables out of sight (it might seem unfair but it%26#039;s best not to wear flashy clothes or shoes either). pretty much just appear as if you%26#039;re not the kind they want anything from, you%26#039;re not going to give them any trouble, but you%26#039;re not going to take any crap either. send out an %26quot;i won%26#039;t approach you so don%26#039;t approach me%26quot; vibe.

if you are approached, give compomise one shot and then give them what they%26#039;re asking for. you%26#039;re obviously not a fighter (yet) so i don%26#039;t suggest you frustrate and %26#039;provoke%26#039; them by disagreeing with them. unless you%26#039;re a very fast runner (but then there%26#039;ll probably be a second confronation later on..)

but team up with a friend or parent and follow some instructional videos. it%26#039;s pretty difficult to learn self-defense techniques alone. you should e-mail a krav maga instructor and ask their advice.

joining a martial arts class sounds like a good idea don%26#039;t you think?|||avoid them as much as possible and if they do anything illegal to anyone other than you report them anon to the police to get them out of there. if it is a gang it will be you against all of them so unless your a SEAL, Ranger, or some other sort of special forces type you stand no chance. if you want to learn a self-defence for that special situation look into only real arts that have world with recognition and history. I will tell you that a Navy MP told me he was attacked by 3 once and found escrema (spelling may be off) to be what saved his life.|||self defense is not an over night course.

there are many styles that would be good for self defense. you just need to find a good instructor, one that knows what they are doing.

and the quick, free and easy wasy wont work. you get want you pay for.

video%26#039;s and books are only for reference and not meant to be your solo source. to learn any style you need a good instructor.

|||ive done judo, kickboxing,shorin ryu,etc,ok your friend seems wise to tell you to learn krav maga.k so #1 carry a knife or a gun,and the martial arts i advies is muay tia,combat hapkido,combat sambo,mma,and krav maga.check my websites also|||just don%26#039;t piss them off. and if its necessary, learn some ju jitsu. it%26#039;s pretty intimidating when you have someone in a hold in which if they move, their arm will be violently pulled out of its socket.|||um try to train in your room, imagine that there someone in front of you and you strike against %26#039;em!! or go to a kung fu club... i think kung fu is the fastest way to learn self-defense (but needs hardworking)|||Sorry to hear that you have to live near a gang.

I just looked up Krav Maga on Youtube - they have several videos on the basic training of Krav Maga.

Good luck %26amp; stay safe!!|||tell your friends to randomly attack you...keep u on ur toes and ur friends won%26#039;t really hurt u...hopefully...

or just hire a bodyguard...

yea my ideas are pretty contrived...

u could just join the gang and all your troubles will be over...

ok, i%26#039;ll stop trying to help now...|||Walk down dark alleys at night with twenty dollar bills hanging out of your pockets.

You will quickly learn to defend yourself.|||You could lock yourself in a cage with a tiger.

A hungry tiger.

You%26#039;ll either learn self defense or you won%26#039;t. And it will be very fast.|||you can go on youtube,

step by step self defense or something......

sry, this probably wasn%26#039;t that helpful|||watch Sylvester stallone movies...

He%26#039;ll teach you quickly!!|||run up to some gangsters and spit at them when they start to beat you up im sure you come up whit something very quickly |||There are no shortcuts in Martial Arts training.... but there are some free videos on for self defense that you might find helpful.... |||start your own gang a bigger one a tougher one kik their asses problem solved|||well all u have to do is ignore the drama an your day should be great!|||If you can%26#039;t beat them, join them.|||self defence classes|||Just watch karate kid!|||in a gun store|||you buy a gun a test fire it in the police staiton|||throw rocks at them|||or u can carry around a knife. that will always work.

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