Saturday, November 14, 2009

Without a timetable, how will the Iraqis get a sense of urgency to take full control of their self defense?

Currently the Republicans are saying that a timetable means we are giving a victory to the terrorists and that all terrorists will need to do is wait until that date.

However, the Iraqis currently have no sense of urgency to take over their own self defense. They know that with Bush%26#039;s %26quot;stay the course%26quot; strategy, that we will keep sending our troops to die for Iraqi freedom.

If we give them a date to be ready to take over their self defense, they can get that sense of urgency and then our handing over the self defense to the Iraqi people will be an affirmation of our victory in Iraq and not a failure as the Republican leadership would have you believe.

And if they dont get the sense of urgency, and won%26#039;t die for their own safety, then why should we send our men and women to die for them?

So, how will the Iraqi%26#039;s get that sense of urgency to take over their own self defense if Bush follows through with his veto on this bill?|||I guess they%26#039;ll get that sense of urgency when they realize the American people are not going to vote another war tyrant like Bush into office on the next election.|||You don%26#039;t think the new government of Iraq already KNOWS there is an urgency to be able to secure their own country? I%26#039;m sure they pay attention to what our traitorous libs are saying over here. I%26#039;m sure they would prefer to have us leave under the right circumstances. How do you think the troops over there felt when they heard Scary Harry declare this war lost? Why don%26#039;t you guys support our troops and the mission?|||I think playing politics with war is BAD. People are dying for FREEDOM. Not politics.

Lets drop the name calling.

ps. I am independent...

Well, when we do leave, I think they will pretty much have to take the bull or get whupped.

It takes decades for developing countries to emerge victorious, to expect iraq to do it in 90 minutes is wrong.|||holy cow you dems are naive|||You%26#039;ve got it all wrong. With Saddam and his bad boys gone, the Shiite majority is waiting with baited breath for Americans to leave, so they can wreak genocide on the Sunnis. Of course, they are surrounded by other countries which are predominantly Sunni. It%26#039;s going to be hell on wheels when we leave.|||It frustrates me no end when I see people referring to Iraqis taking the initiative to stand up for their own nation - don%26#039;t you folks get it? Iraqis care not for any concept of nation! The nation of Iraq was made up by the Brits 70 years ago and is not something the major religious sects want or need! Right now, they are only interested in getting revenge and wreaking havoc upon whatever sect they%26#039;re against, Sunni or Shi%26#039;a, than fighting for %26quot;freedom!%26quot; That is such a BS notion that we as Americans expect everyone in the world to embrace just because it worked well for us!

Their only hope for peace right now is to separate the country, have everyone go to their own corner and get America out ASAP. Iraqis WANT THAT - US OUT! Anyone who says our troops are over their defending %26quot;our freedom%26quot; is smoking crack.|||Since the Iraqi people have already said in the very near future they will be ready to stand up, and we can stand down.. is just an ugly ploy to politicize the war/ or take credit for the Dems can get imaginary points!...

...pretty pathetic! If I was Democratic I be insulted they think I am so uninformed...|||Tribal rivalries that go back hundreds of years will not be %26quot;solved%26quot; in a short time.Do you know of the Ottoman Empire,and what happened after WW1?If you do not study history,you are doomed to repeat it.That has been the biggest problem with the current administration.|||there not going to get a sense of urgency and they dont really want one, why would they the US military is better trained and equiped to handle there problems.

we should set a date and make them have prime responsibility and maybe stay shortly after as a form of management and have them do all the dirty work|||As I recall, Iraq had a million man army and fought a ten year war with Iran before we went there.

Now they have to wait for us to show them how to do things.|||The Iraqis will start feeling a sense of urgency as the 2008 election approaches.|||I think that the point is, this date should be made PRIVATE between the American military and the Iraqi government. That way, they know when we are leaving, when it is time, and the terrorists will not know how much longer they need to %26quot;wait out.%26quot;

Also, it would be smarter to do a gradual withdrawal to ensure that the Iraqi%26#039;s do not get overrun by the insurgents. We have come this far and lost this many lives, why create a set cut-off date and have the Iraqi%26#039;s overrun, making everything that our soldier%26#039;s died for worthless?|||i don%26#039;t think it%26#039;s that simplistic. how much more urgency can the Iraqi people sense than a civil war which is killing hundreds of thousands and creating a mass exodus......

i agree that a timetable needs to be implemented, however, i believe that progress will never exist in Iraq with our presence there!!!!!!

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