Saturday, November 14, 2009

What is the smallest thing that is legally considered assult, and when is self defense legal?

I%26#039;m just curious about what the legal definition is. What is considered assult, and thereby a person can be arrested or charged with assult?

When is self defense acceptable by law, and therefore the person cannot be charged with assult in return?|||The smallest assault need not be a physical connection. It only needs to be a threat with an approach of perceived possible violence. If a person says they are going to bust you up, and walks toward you, you now have the right to defend yourself. You must make an attempt to walk away! Nothing says it has to be with your back to them. In fact many of my students that talk of their attacks said they actually walked toward this person to get the best possible angle for self defense. Listen, you need to take classes! You don%26#039;t need mine just someone that is knowledgeable in self defense. They are everywhere! All are good. All are fairly cheap anymore!|||Assault is threatening to do battery.

Battery is any unwanted contact with another person%26#039;s body. Cases have been brought for battery in which somebody spat on another person, and others in which smokers deliberately blew smoke on another person. In each case, it is assumed that no consent was given and the contact was not desired by the recipient but was intended by the batterer.|||Well, even self defense can get you charged with assault.

Assault is any physical contact that offends someone... it depends on the officer that comes to the scene..|||At times I hate the fact that this multinational board doesn%26#039;t require users to ask questions with their place of residence included. This is different from state to state within the US and sometimes greatly different outside.

All I can say in a truly general sense is that assault occurs (sometimes being aggravated assault, depending upon jurisdiction) when he hits you. You may legally strike him back in self-defence. But if only the two of you were present, and if you did not report immediately to a hospital, proof of anything may not exist.

For the moment, forget the civil suits. DO NOT EVER speak to him again under any circumstances; and if he forces the issue call the police.|||Self defense is only acceptable when the cops say it is.|||Simple assault could be just me touching you.|||A verbal, or written threat can be considered, in your terms, a small thing(assault), providing the individual believes he/she is about to, or going to receive a battery (get hurt). Answering your second question. In regards to self defense, it could be the circumstances surrounding the incident. If a person of the same size, and sex were to attack you, not using a weapon, and you defended yourself with a baseball bat, you could become the offender. There are many scenarios, and by all means, you have the right to defend yourself. It%26#039;s the degree of self defense that changes the situation.|||Police were going to charge me once for spitting in someone%26#039;s face (after they cursed at me). This was in Michigan and was years ago. I find it mildly amusing that they would charge me for it.|||Your dealing with a rather large topic here. Assault can be as simple and spitting on someone, throwing a glass or water even is assault

Self-defense refers to actions taken by a person to prevent another person from causing harm to one%26#039;s self, one%26#039;s property or one%26#039;s home. (Wikipedia)


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