Saturday, November 14, 2009

Self defense?

if someone that is WAY bigger than me starts fighting me and i pull out a knife and cut him, will i be punished by the law?

thats self defense isnt it?|||This is self defense however you could be charged w/ carrying a concealed weapon. You really have to have no escape %26amp; really be in danger. I woulld not advise cutting someone. You would go to jail if you stabbbed a school yard bully.|||I guess it would depend on where you are when this happens. It is illegal to carry weapons in school, so you would get in trouble. I think that self-defense only counts if your life is being threatened, but I am not sure.|||You should try and define fighting with you. If he physically touches you and hurt you then yes it is|||depends on the use of force model in your country/state/province, and his/her level of threat and aggression. Your best to consult an expert in your area, such as a police or security company trainer/instructor.|||YES! It%26#039;s not self defense

remember in this country criminals have more rights than the victim

and if the criminal takes you to court you may be prevented to describe the %26quot;criminal%26quot; act the criminal was commiting when you used your self defense.|||It%26#039;s self defense but prove it in a court of law. I believe I would use maybe some other form of weapon instead of a knife. Knife is a weapon and in some states you can get arrested just for having one on your person. Depending on the size. Why not gather up a bunch of your buddies and gang up on him. But don%26#039;t start nothing. How are you going to feel once you%26#039;ve cut him and he%26#039;s bleeding to death. Do you have a conscience?|||i don%26#039;t know if you%26#039;re in uk, but in the uk, i think that you%26#039;re only alowed to do the equivelant of what they do to you,

so if they started attacking you, then you could hurt them, but only enough for defence, not a proper attack.|||Yes you will be punished by the law.

An aggressive force can be met with an equal reaction but it must be met with equal force.

Someone punches on can punch back.

Someone takes a bat to take a bat to them

Someone takes a gun to you....take a gun to them.

With that said, if someone starts punching on you and they are way bigger and you pull a knife that might be okay to stop the fight.....but to then aggress on them and actually use the knife....nope...that%26#039;s assault with a deadly weapon. You might get some points for th person being bigger than you and you were afraid for your safety....but I think you are still going to be charged.

The only way that you can use deadly force is to have a real a present danger or fear for your life.|||Not if he does not have a knife. It is aggravated assault with a deadly weapon depending on the length of the blade of the knife. You could do hard time in jail and if you kill him or her, it%26#039;s Murder in the 2nd Degree if you are lucky. I was always taught by one of the top Martial Arts instructors in the world that the best self defense is:


Maybe you should learn Ashihara Karate but respectfully, please remember %26quot;Karate%26quot; means %26#039;empty hand%26#039;, that is, a hand with NO weapons and a person who does NOT look for fights or engages in senseless violence. Take care.|||It%26#039;s probably not.

It depends on your state%26#039;s laws, though.

You may be allowed to use a weapon when you%26#039;re in fear of serious bodily harm, which might be the case, but it may be stricter than that. You may have to be in %26quot;fear of imminent death%26quot;, and I really don%26#039;t know that you could make that case.|||Here is what you will get:|||well stuff like this depends on a lot of things. Since you are a minor you have the advantage of getting away with more things and getting minimum punishment when you get in legal trouble. But just by carrying this weapon can get you in a trouble. (carrying a concealed weapon), It would also depend on how much force this person was using. If they slap you in the face... no

I really would not advise you to carry a weapon, maby take martial arts or something. But if you really feel that you are in danger do what you must.|||Self-defense depends on the circumstances. Just because a person is bigger than you doesn%26#039;t mean he could overtake you and harm you if you fought back barehanded. If you resort to using a weapon against an unarmed attacker, then the situation has to become one where you have no other reasonable means of defending yourself.|||depends on who made the first move.

say you did it in self defence and you were scared.

LEGALLY you can get in trouble.

but unlikely to get a custodial.

:)|||that is not against the law because according to the 15th ammendment of the phics of law and science of nature (classified document) you can do says %26quot;any threat that is thretful to the vicim of the threat will be punished by law. the victim shant be responsible and will be rescued.

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