Saturday, November 14, 2009

I know you guys are taught self-defense..what is is exactly? Karate? if so what kind of karate?

I want to learn karate but don%26#039;t know what type? Any suggestions?|||I learned Tai-Chi, Shingh-ghi %26amp; Kick-boxing. I assume any form or martial art would be preferable to none, and you%26#039;ll need to figure out where your strength is. Example: Tao-kwon-do is mostly kicks. If you have long legs and lower body strength, it would be a good choice...|||Karate is okay as a form of self-defense but for the best one should look into Wing Chung Kung Fu. It is basically the type of stuff Bruce Lee and his son Brandon did. It%26#039;s very efficient and saves a lot of energy. Even if you don%26#039;t use it as a defense it%26#039;s a great workout and you sharpen your reflexes and learn a lot more about your balance.

To be honest I would put a Wing Chun Kung Fu practicioner up against just about any other self-defense form.

Most of the %26#039;fight stars%26#039; like Steven Seagal and others use it or a modified closeness of it. |||for self-defence i suggest BJJ for grappling and Muay Thai for striking.. the training is tough! you%26#039;re shins are gonna be like baseball bats youre gonna stop an attacker with just one low kick and your endurance and fitness is gonna skyrocket|||MCMAP - Marine corps martial arts program

its a mix of different martial arts, except in karate you learn to defend yourself, with MCMAP you learn to kill with your barehands as quick as possible|||there are many different kinds tae kwon do is one popular one|||Army- a form of Gracie JJ

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