Monday, November 16, 2009

Why is there no category for self defense?

Some of these questions don%26#039;t have anything to do with hunting. I think all of us should request a new category, called %26quot;Self Defense.%26quot;|||Because Guns, Hunting, Shooting, and Self-defense are one Big Happy Family.*|||Self Defense is too hot of a buzz topic these days, and is better diluted with whatever is handy. The Demoparty Socialists seeking to do away with the Constitution, seek to disarm the public for the big overnight takeover someday, and all self defense spoken concepts reveal the existence of another enemy of Socialism. Too many patriots in one place would no doubt get the entire YA attacked, and it is too valuable to risk for mere editorial convenience.|||I think all of you should get off the semantics and realize that gun owners are gun owners no matter what they use them for

This Fud%26#039;s only crap is as destructive as the antis

If you don%26#039;t have an answer for a self defense or tactical question then don%26#039;t answer the question

Just be happy that YA even allows any discussion of guns in today%26#039;s political climate and stop whining about them not building your pet section|||a firearms section or firearm sport section has been requested and heard among deaf ears on Y!A side...For the most part most of the people here on hunting know this and do not care that half of the questions are not directly related to hunting...This is the closest thing we have and we are just happy to have this and ask and answer questions.

I like DCA%26#039;s comment....

Merry Christmas y%26#039;all|||Because people would abuse that category, and get carried away and start asking questions like, %26quot;What do you prefer to carry with you, a knife or a handgun?%26quot; Things like that. I agree with you that self-defense is important, but it just wouldn%26#039;t work as a category.|||They probably don%26#039;t like the idea of violence on their site. Yahoo is probably anti-gun like most public media too.|||Yahoo is an inherently anti gun site....

notice this category is called %26quot;Hunting%26quot;......... not even %26quot; Guns%26quot;|||Why Its Not Politically Correct Of Course!..........|||it%26#039;s because most hunters know about self defence guns because a hunting shotgun or handgun can be a self defence gun, anyways, yahoo personnel are too lazy to make a new category, even though I%26#039;m sure it%26#039;s not difficult.

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