Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do women self defense classes really work?

Im going to college and i hear of alot of women getting attacked and i was thinking of taking self defense classes for women but do they really work?|||Sure they work. Anything to help defend yourself is well worth it!

Good luck.|||My daughter took them. She is under 5 feet tall and tiny. She was able to flip and get freed from the instructor in a drill and he was a little over 6 feet tall and in a fully padded suit. He said I have %26quot;one mean daughter%26quot; Seriously, they work to teach you the basic survival needs in a sudden situation.|||No, buy yourself a gun.|||of course it does. it will teach u thing that are so easy to protect yourself|||The best self-defense is situation awareness. If you are aware of where you are and what%26#039;s going on around you, you are less of a target.

I taught some self-defense classes and I focus on immediately breaking contact as soon as possible. Unless you train heavily in a style geared towards smaller people, you will generally lose any fight with guys. Wing Chun is a good martial art. It was developed by a female in China and is made for speed, not power.

Otherwise, take a few classes to learn. Learn to be LOUD, learn to take an agressive posture when you feel threatened, and learn to tie your shoes tightly if you are walking somewhere alone. Don%26#039;t go anywhere drunk by yourself and surround yourself with good people.

Good luck!|||u dont need it. if someone walks up to u and grabs ur purse. WHAM! right in between the legs|||I am going to answer this...and this is going to be a highly unpopular answer...but please read it thru before you dismiss it...its going to be the most realistic answer you will get.

No, neither self defense classes or martial arts work in self defense. Most of the people who will tell you this have never EVER had to do it themselves.

The reason why is because you are taught principles that are fairly outdated, and under ideal circumstances. %26quot;Kicking a man in the groin%26quot; doesnt help when you are attacked by four of them, it just ensures you will be BEATEN badly before you are raped. Being able to beat up a guy in class that really isnt being aggressive enough to hurt you isnt the same as being blindly punched in the eye, unaware...and having to fight while catching your bearings.

You also cant outsmart someone who is not reasoning, that would connotate there is conversation or time to react and get your thoughts together. In most cases, the first move YOU get to do is after the first move they have already done...and you never saw it coming.

Okay, if I havent totally terrified you worse than you were...let me give you some better scenarios.

Most men that are predators on women are so because they rarely good at confronting at all. They want to be bullies, not fight. They find what they perceive to be a weaker person....attitude can dissuade alot of that crowd.

Tools of the trade: There are GOOD pepper sprays that fire up to twenty or thirty feet...with high quality pepper spray, that will gag someone out, if you have someone some warning they will come. There is also weapons that create noise so piercing that the people that they are pointed at are literally crippled at the sound of it (had one tested on me)....both of these items can hang on your purse or on your keyring.

Now in the event that you DONT get the DO take the first hit...and someone IS trying to rape you...please keep in mind...the body is a VERY fragile thing. It takes very little...once someone is very close to do very much damage.

Remember, your only goal is to make an opening to run...not to win.

Winning a strength match against an attacker is pointless...thats assuming you are the first person they attacked. But a quick survey of how fragile certain areas of the body are does help.

Some parts of the body will tear right off....the ear...the groin, the throat (if you grab the larynx tight enough and close your fist as tight as you over)...taking your finger and jamming it into an eye until it feels like liquid will also slow him down if not stop him.

The point is, when it becomes close quarters, you have to want to hurt him much more than he does you...but keep in mind...either way you are going to take some lumps in the process. You just make sure that when you both fall to the ground....when you stand are holding something in your hand that was previously attached to him.|||Do not believe that girls can match guys strenght in a fight, its only in the movies that gals wins over guys, You are just gonna hurt yourself. believe me|||it is not necessary to over power a man, not usually an option for women, but it does take out smarting them, which most women have the ability to do. think.. what will it take for me to get out of this situation.. thats what a class will teach you.. how to think and follow through..

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