Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where can I find specific information on UK self defense law?

Specifically what would define a self defense situation? Would angry and aggressive or abusive behaviour and the threat of violence still count; and if so to what degree? How far exactly are you legally able to go to defend yourself? In what cases can pre-empting an aggressor be justified legally? Links appreciated|||You have to believe yourself (or in some cases others) to be in immediate danger of harm, and you must only defend yourself using %26quot;reasonable force%26quot;.

In assessing the reasonableness of the force used, prosecutors should ask two questions:

- was the use of force justified in the circumstances, i.e. was there a need for any force at all? and

- was the force used excessive in the circumstances?

The courts have indicated that both questions are to answered on the basis of the facts as the accused honestly believed them to be. The jury must then go on to ask themselves whether, on the basis of the facts as the accused believed them to be, a reasonable person would regard the force used as reasonable or excessive.

Attached link to UK government website.|||The home office|||For one thing, in the UK it%26#039;s spelt %26quot;self-defence%26quot;. Perhaps that will help you with a web search.|||Self-defence? No such thing in UK!

You can only use reasonable force, but what they mean by reasonable, nobody knows!! You can get sued by someone who had tried to rob you or kill you, if you defend yourself!

It%26#039;s just a stupid law,in desperate need of change!!!|||For self defence to be used as a defence in court I think you have to be in immediate threat of physical harm with no reasonable way to escape the situation, plus you can only use reasonable force - which means if you are started on and you batter them half to death, you going to be screwed. I think that%26#039;s roughly it anyway.

Wouldn%26#039;t know where to look on line, but any book on criminal law will tell you exactly whats what.

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