Saturday, November 14, 2009

Self defense?

does anyone know where i could find a self defense class in the fox valley|||Just kick them in the gonads, thats all the self defense you need|||It is not easy to kick a man in the groin. It is surprisngly difficult to hit with a regular kick.

Using the foot%26#039;s instep (top part ), works better, but requires hardening Report Abuse
|||foxes in the valley defend themselves by cunning camoflage and escaping skills. They rarely risk a face-to-face encounter if it can be avoided.

Hope that helps.|||Cheh the yellow pages and your telphone%26#039;s web site under the phrase %26quot;martial arts%26quot; instruction or schools. Also check Yahoo,, and google.

You should get one dong that. If that doesn%26#039;t work, phone the local Y.M.C.A., or Y.W.C.A. and ask for a referral.

Please allow me to be a little officious. I presume that you are female and not physically big nor strong (e.g. lift weights).

That build is best suited for combat jiujitsu. Itr is haighly effective, and soes not require great strength. Japanes %26amp; Korean Karate require strength which takes time to develop and some ladies are just not built for the required straight-line power punches of the latter two.

Judo, derived from JiuJitsu is a sport, and many lethal techniques were dropped from the curriculum. Stuff that is needed on the street. Judo will work but jiu jitsu works better.

Brazillian jiujitsu is an exception, it is lethal.

Another good possibility is any of the Chinese (Southern), soft circular styles of Kung Fu. (e.g. Southern Shaolin, Wing Chun, white Crane, etc., etc,).

There are %26quot;self defence%26quot; courses offered. Carefully evaluate them for technique and the instructor%26#039;s studies and background. Some are excellent, some are adequate, and some are ....

So check out the instructors teachers, and also inquire form seniour past students that the techniques work well on the street.

Self defence studies require commitment, hard work and must be done regularly. It takes about a year to become useful on the street. (some people 6 months). before that tiem it is less than no studies at all. in that it gives the student a false sense of security that he already has the skills.

After a year and more study you will have the skill and you will never look back nor feel vulnerable.

Dan the Answers-Man.

I have a brown belt in Shotokan (Japanese

) Karate, high rank in JiuJitsu, some Gung-Fu and extensive military traning in commando combat tech.|||google Krav Maga( the Israeli Army self dense system), and find the closest location. You can learn all you need in a matter of weeks instead years with the Eastern disciplines|||just go to the street gang figths

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