Thursday, November 12, 2009

What form of self-defense could a woman learn in a short amount of time that would be effective??

I%26#039;ve thought about taking boxing classes, or some form of martial arts, but both require close to a year of practice before I could use them to defend myself. Is that true? What form of self-defense could I use effectively, that wouldn%26#039;t take years to learn? What form of defense is best for a woman who needs to protect herself from a man? Thanks|||THE BEST THING TO TAKE IS A SELF DEFENSE CLASS, I DID WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE LAST YEAR, BUY THE WAY I AM 44 YRS. I LEARNED A LOT OF STUFF, IT WAS FOR TWO HOURS ONCE A WEEK FOR 5 WEEKS, NIGHT TIME. IT WAS PROVIDED BY MY LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT. CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT TO SEE IF THEY HAVE A SELF DEFENSE CLASS FOR WOMEN. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN, ON THE LAST DAY OF THE CLASS WE PUT ON THESE RUBBER HELMETS KNEE PADS AND RUBBER GLOVES, AND WE GET TO BEAT TWO POLICE MAN UP, ONE OF THE POLICE MAN SAID THAT I HIT HIM A LITTLE TO HARD, BUT IT WAS SO FUN. CALL THEM AND SEE IF THEY HAVE SELF DEFENSE CLASSES. YOU WON%26#039;T REGRET IT, BELIEVE ME.|||I think the coolest thing in the world would be a woman defending herself with an extendible baton which would appear out of no-where like her sleeve or the side of her leg. Those things are easy. Kicking at the groin is also quite simple.

Defense throws to trick and confuse attackers would be good, too.|||How about a swift kick in the balls. That is easy to learn and very effective. It works on females as well.|||Jiu Jitsu is your best bet, (I believe it%26#039;s spellt like that) is based on self defense and how to defend yourself, and the techniques are all simple that most everyone can learn, and in a short period of time to learn the basics (which would probably be all you would need in your case)|||good u r thinking of this. i dont know which self defense program would be best at providing you w/ techniques that will work quick, but i can recommend an excellent book that you will thank yourself for for reading it. it was written by a man who was a councelor for abusive men who had to go to court appointed counceling. this man has heard it all. the name of the book is %26quot;Why does he do that? Inside the minds of angry and controlling men.%26quot; by Lundy Bancroft. it actually offers insight into why they do what they do and how they rope you in to give in to them even tho you know you shouldnt. this book could actually help your life choices and reduce the amount of time thinking, how could he do that, why did he do that etc. you will have answers. wish i could suggest a physical defense plan for you, but this is an Excellent emotional defense plan for sure!!!! best to you!|||You can get your conceal/carry permit in a one day class.

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