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If abortion can be considered murder, can abortion be considered murder in self-defense?

Think about it, when you kill someone in self-defense you are killing them because they threaten your life or they threaten you great physical harm.

During birth a woman%26#039;s genitals are ripped open and she bleeds profusely in what may be the most pain possible for a human to feel. In addition some woman die in childbirth. Thus, there is a threat to her life.

Thus I ask, can abortion be considered murder in self-defense?|||LOL

True...that%26#039;s something to think about when having to hear all that pro-life crap!|||I%26#039;m completely pro-choice because abortion is necessary in some medical circumstances. I also believe that no raped woman should be forced to have her rapist%26#039;s baby. So yeah, in some cases I have to agree with you on the self defense thing, but not on the murder part. There is no proven biological fact to prove when life actually starts. Some people say not until birth, other when your fertilized. Some will even go as far to say that any form of contraception is known as a form of abortion. This is all attributed to religious beliefs, but not everyone%26#039;s beliefs are the same so whose should make up the laws? No ones, separation of church and state. So is it murder, no, not proven.|||When a woman decides to have her unborn baby killed because she feels that it%26#039;s a %26quot;threat%26quot; to her health, then she is a loveless and selfish person. Why? Because she%26#039;d rather live instead of giving her life up so that her baby could live. This is what love is. This is what heroes do/should do: love is the choice to freely give one%26#039;s life up to save another. This is what St. Gianna Molla did not too long ago. She knew that she had a condition that would kill her, but would not kill her unborn baby, so she decided to go through w/ the pregnancy, despite the fact that her doctor opted for her to get an abortion. Well, she died, and her baby lived. Many women who are deciding to abort should look into this saint%26#039;s life and do as she did. Oh, and the baby isn%26#039;t a threat. How could it be a threat if it is defensless and can%26#039;t do anything to harm the mother? Rather, it is the condition/illness in the body that may threaten the mother%26#039;s life, not the baby.|||No -- the mom%26#039;s life is rarely in danger, and when it is, it would not be considered murder.

The loss of a child is a horrible thing. The loss of a mother is as well. The decision that the mom has to make is excruciatingly difficult, and making light of it belittles the loss of life, and the dignity of the mom. I am sure you don%26#039;t mean to do that, but please, try to have more consideration for the mom and the child -- it%26#039;s a tough decision for a woman to make, and questions like these (though I will say yours is not as heartless as some I have seen) don%26#039;t do more than upset people -- it%26#039;s not a joke, and the only people being hurt are the women who read this after having had made one of the toughest decisions of their life.|||Wow....not sure where you got your biology information, but I%26#039;ve given birth to three children and my genitals were never ripped open, nor did I bleed profusely. Also, the pain wasn%26#039;t as bad as the surgery I had on my hand to repair a torn ligament.

So,;re not going to get anywhere with this argument because it is completely unfactual. And I suggest you get a book on the female anatomy. There is actually a nifty passageway for babies to travel through on their way out that opens wide enough during labor. No %26quot;ripping open%26quot; required.|||I%26#039;ll just let an experienced doctor answer your question:

%26quot;Protection of the life of the mother as an excuse for an abortion is a smoke screen. In my 36 years of pediatric surgery I have never known of one instance where the child had to be aborted to save the mother%26#039;s life. If toward the end of the pregnancy complications arise that threaten the mother%26#039;s health, the doctor will either induce labor or perform a Cesarean section. His intention is to save the life of both the mother and the baby. The baby%26#039;s life is never willfully destroyed because the mother%26#039;s life is in danger.%26quot;

C. Everett Koop, M.D. Former U.S. Surgeon-General|||That%26#039;s a stretch.Self-defense implies that there was PURPOSEFUL harm intended by the %26quot;wrong-doer%26quot; (the baby in this case).I have had two children (1 vaginal and 1 c-section) and my %26quot;genitals%26quot; were not ripped open. that%26#039;s not what the bleeding is from. Sure there can be some tearing, but your description isn%26#039;t exactly accurate. To have an abortion to %26quot;avoid%26quot; childbirth isn%26#039;t really it. It%26#039;s to avoid the entire pregnancy and resposibility of that babies life once born. However, I do agree w/you that an unwanted baby DOES threaten BOTH lives , but not in the way you describe...I am pro-choice, not to be confused w/pro-abortion.|||If (and IF) abortion can be considered murder, then sure it can be considered in self-defense, having a child is a dangerous thing - pregnancy can be a period of turmoil, anguish and pain, same with childbirth, which can kill you. In the long run, you could argue that if you do not perceive yourself as a %26#039;good parent%26#039;, the child could grow up and go to any extremes, such as killing you or others.|||No because that would imply the baby had something to do with its conception and birth and can therefore be held accountable for being born. It was the two adults who had sex who are responsible for the existence of the baby, therefore the mother and father are responsible for the threat to the life of the mother.|||lol! I bet you havent had a child yet,we are not ripped open..hahahaha.of course a women goes through pain during birth.but if you decide to open your legs for a man im sure that the women might have brain enough to know what could happen.if a womens life is indeed in danger the obgyn will handle it accordingly.i would consider it murder only if(now read this well and slow)THE WOMEN JUST DECIDED TO HAVE AN ABORTION BECAUSE THE BABY WOULD STOP HER CLUBBIN OR PARTIES,OR LIFESTYLE.OR WAS HABITUAL AT if she is medically in danger then thats a whole new chapter.have a great day.|||If it%26#039;s self defense, then it%26#039;s not murder. Most of us pro-life people are okay with abortion in the case of a mother%26#039;s life being in danger. The reason is that if the mother dies, the baby dies, too, and it%26#039;s better to save one life than to lose two. But these are exceptional cases.|||Well WHO had unprotected sex in the first place. So by your same logic, the couple chose to put her in a potentially dangerous situation with full knowledge... so how do you call that %26quot;in self-defense%26quot;.

Your logic is faulty. It%26#039;s like saying I put a gun in a stranger%26#039;s hands, I think he%26#039;s gonna shoot me so I%26#039;ll shoot him first - therefore I can%26#039;t go to jail cuz it%26#039;s in %26quot;self-defence%26quot; which is %26quot;mentally disfunctional%26quot;.

Your little logic game doesn%26#039;t hold up. It means u just shot some unaware guy minding his own business who didn%26#039;t have anything to do with ur romp a few weeks back.|||uhm no.,

i dont believe so AT ALL!

cuz think of it this way. the chance of a woman dieing isnt hi, the pain WILL be worth it.

if you diagree with that, then what reason did you get prego for in the first place[nowt directed toward you]

dont go get nocked uhp and throw away your consicuence. you put it there, you deal with it.

agian not directed towards you, just my point of veiw.|||Wow... although this all makes sense... what i believe, Jehovah God gives life... and no one has the right to take it away.... I would consider self defense, because the life of you or your family is at danger. Now about child birth... Jehovah told us to make ourselves many... we endure the pain, because the rewards afterward are far better :) Abortion would be like intentionally murdering someone. What fault does the baby have?|||Are you aware that there is no western countries that consider abortion legally murder? Did you know that? Did you know that murder is a legal term that describes one kind of killing? Abortion is legal. Glad to help.|||%26gt;%26gt;During birth a woman%26#039;s genitals are ripped open and she bleeds profusely in what may be the most pain possible for a human to feel.%26lt;%26lt;

Let me guess...the last time you saw a woman%26#039;s genitals was during your own birth.

Drug-free, pain-free, trauma-free birthing:|||Are you kidding me? I agree with some of the others? Self-defense against a fetus? You were the one that spread your legs... are you going to scream rape as well??? Seriously think about what you are asking... To ANSWER your dumb question.... HELL NO YOU CAN%26quot;T SCREAM SELF DEFENSE YOU MORON!|||Abortion is killing. But do not abort if her threatening the woman%26#039;s life just try to have the baby Early its not your fault if he dies he was just un healthy. And not a lot of women die i know a person and she had 8 se sections!|||Abortion is not considered murder, because abortion (in most states) is legal and murder is not. Abortion is a woman%26#039;s right. And that%26#039;s all that needs to be said. The only people who are against abortion as crazy god-loving pill poping christan *****.|||abortion is wrong no matter why u do it or how long u have been pregnant for. if you didnt want a baby u shouldnt be having sex in the first place. the baby didnt ask to be created. and to kill a baby in the womb is wrong no matter wut!|||Every childbirth is a risk to the female%26#039;s life. No one has the right to force her to risk her life against her will. We can%26#039;t force people to give a dying individual a kidney either. It%26#039;s the same principle.|||She is numb from drugs when that happens. If she don%26#039;t want a bay then don%26#039;t get pregnant. f the baby will harm her then that might be the exception. Other than that just give me a break already.|||Go back and rethink your logic abortion is first degree premeditated murder, think on it you plan to kill the child and hire a hit man AKA abortion doctor to do your killing.|||that is why they have c sections so that they dont do that. and i agree only when the mother is in super danger but sometimes that has to happen medical science has come so far that death to mother is gone|||Uhm no, the actual baby isnt threatening the mothers life...

unless there was some type of abrnormality and the mothers life was at risk and the baby wasnt at least 23 weeks....

Is this a serious question or a joke?|||The sad thing is...

You%26#039;re SERIOUS... aren%26#039;t you?

Giving birth is GIVING LIFE... not taking it.

Yet another reason I%26#039;m disenchanted with PRO-LIFER...

They don%26#039;t even get the SMALL picture.|||Going half way around the world and killing a bunch of Arabs isn%26#039;t murder either, it%26#039;s self-defense.|||Who cares. It is legal. Get over it. Go find another religious crusade.|||Its not Murder at all a Human Fetus is NOT a human being. There is a big difference.|||I second Bobert%26#039;s opinion:

No. Only if the mother%26#039;s life is in danger could it be self defense (and the baby can%26#039;t be delivered by C-section|||Absolutely!

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