Monday, November 16, 2009

Do women who take self-defense classes know what they're up against?

Power, and meanness are the main attributes necessary to defeat someone who is attacking you. If you have the time and proper trainer, you can somewhat make up for shortcomings in power and meanness, but it%26#039;s still unlikely.

I%26#039;m concerned about any false sense of security that might cause a woman to stick around when they should be running or whatever. Do women%26#039;s self-defense instructors teach students to be realistic?|||I%26#039;ve never taken a self defense class, but I watched a news segment about one....

The most important thing they teach is to learn how to carry yourself as a NON VIABLE VICTIM.

Ideally...if a woman walks and carries herself in a way that portrays confidence and power, (as apposed to one that cowers with her head hung low...looking afraid of her own shadow)....she is less likely to become a victim in the first place.

Once she becomes a victim....the odds are against her, as most men have a physical advantage over us, they are already fired up in aggressive mode, and have taken her by surprise, catching her off guard.

Prevention is key....oh and speaking of keys....they recommend that women carry their keys in the hand as a potential weapon if self defense is necessary.

You%26#039;re right though....if she gets attacked she%26#039;s going to have to get mean and fight dirty...and it would be a lot more traumatic and violent than the classroom experience!|||that%26#039;s a Great question.I think most women do,My daughter took karate and she is a yellow belt at the moment.|||I took a self defense class at my university last semester and had a fabulous instructor. He taught us a lot about preventing even being in a situation where we would have to use the techniques we learned. Self defense is for when running from your attacker is not an option!|||These instructors rip these women off, there is no way a woman can defeat a big strong angry man with just a year or less of training...The number of women worldwide that can actually defeat a big strong angry man is about 100 or less, so stop dreaming and go buy a gun.|||No, we don%26#039;t. Our self-defense instructors actually teach us that our attackers will be like cute, fluffy little rabbits who will squeak in a darling, innocent way in an attempt to distract us from the fact that we are being attacked.|||I second Kirby - if running isn%26#039;t an option, it is optimal that you would know how to defend yourself, it only makes PERFECT sense.

last I checked... men are also mugged and killed, so maybe it is society%26#039;s fault for giving men the idea that THEY can defend themselves?

all the bashing on this site must stem from someplace??? (uh hum manbeast) but all the women orientated questions seem irrelevant because you could rightfully pose the same question toward men!!! childish if you ask me|||I think intent is the word you%26#039;re going for. In battle, intent means everything. Strong intent can beat out many other things.

I%26#039;ve received training in multiple martial arts and I know 100% if someone were to attack me on the street... The only thing in my mind is them dead.

Or broke into my house, ect....|||Most of them do. Self defense techniques can make an attackers effort not worth the effort. While not always successful, knowledge and applicaiton of self defense technique can mean the difference between becoming a victim, or being a survivor.|||Personally, I don%26#039;t need or want to get that close to you. 4-12 yards is combat shooting and anything past 15 yards you are a target of opportunity. I am not going to fight anyone, especially a man. If they feel the need to attack, they will have one hell of a surprise. I also don%26#039;t believe that self defense classes work unless you practice EVERY DAY several hours a day like it is your job. Otherwise, I leave the talking to Glock, something I am proficient at.|||A woman should have the best training for self defense with the way violence is skyrocketing.

It makes her self reliant and confident.

Also we cant be around our women all the time can we??

Being realistic i would think means is to assess the the threat perception and the circumstances and act accordingly not make a foolish charge of bravado.If there any way of calling for help or the police.

But if there is no choice then she has to let loose and should not hesitate.

Makes me as a man feel at peace knowing the woman i care about is out there and is atleat trained to defend herself.|||Self defense classes for women could actually work if real live situations with opponents who put some effort into it would be recreated.

But thats not gonna happen, because you want to earn money and not creep out the poor dearies, so you dont mind letting them think that fighting an opponent that is afraid of touching the wrong places and ending up with a charge for sexual assault and fighting somone who is out to hurt you is the same thing.

I recommend tazer and pepper spray.|||A good snub-nosed revolver and some range training can close the gap in the gender-difference. Realistically I know that I am no match for an average sized man who is determined to overpower me. I think some goo common sense instruction goes a long way as far as how to avoid getting into a bad situation in the first place, then once in, how to extract oneself. Martial arts do have their place and are good for physical fitness.|||As a woman%26#039;s self-defense instructor for many years, I am going to attempt to answer your question, but it%26#039;s rather difficult because there are some innate biases in your belief that women are unlikely to be able to defend themselves. We teach women that the most important thing is to not present themselves as an easy victim, ie don%26#039;t walk with their heads down, don%26#039;t dig through their purses while they walk, be aware of their surroundings, ect. However, should she still be attacked to goal is to incapacitate their assailant and run away. Self-Defense classes are not meant to turn people into street fighters looking for opportunities to inflict damage upon other people. They are meant to give women (and men) who are already under attack the ability to get away relatively undamaged. As for your version of realism, I would never tell a student that they wouldn%26#039;t be able to defeat their attackers. That would only instill an attitude of victimization in them...exactly the type of thing we are trying to save them from.|||do you know what you are talking about?

I%26#039;ve take martial arts for years and both men and woman can be trained to fight.|||Assailants are far less likely to attack a woman who appears self-confident, agile and physically fit.

And don%26#039;t underestimate the amount of meanness we women possess.|||Oh yeah right - give me a gun! Great idea! HAHAHAHA

I%26#039;ll probably shoot myself in the foot before I%26#039;d hurt someone trying to hurt me!|||Are you getting any oxygen in that mask?

The idea of a self defense class is just that- self defense, not self-offense. When they are attacked, then they at least have a little something to maybe get them out of the situation. Any woman with her head screwed on right would run if she has the opportunity to get away, not put up her dukes.

Wacko- run along and play with your GI Joes.|||i took martial arts (kajukenbo) and we (men %26amp; women) were taught to try %26amp; avoid fighting if possible (by running if necessary--but only if you think you could out run them!) and if not, incapacitate without question, then run. the ways we were taught to incapacitate would permanently maim or kill someone, mostly.

i%26#039;ve never taken women%26#039;s self-defense though...

edit: with proper training you can learn power. power AND skill is much better than either alone.|||Self defense is for when running isn%26#039;t an option.|||The type of women that take those classes spend half of life bragging about how amazing, beautiful and indestructible they are and the other half whining about how they%26#039;re such massive victims.

I think we know the reason why.

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