Saturday, November 14, 2009

I believe Women should NEVER kick a guy where it hurts the most, even in self defense. Any sincere thoughts?

First of all, it%26#039;s unfeminine!

Second, they%26#039;re a guy%26#039;s babymakers, and being bruised or damaged could cause infertility!

It%26#039;s humiliating and unfair since the weaker sex doesn%26#039;t have similar external organs and so can%26#039;t realize the incapacitating agony it causes!

In self defense, it%26#039;s considered just as effective to attack the shins and knees!|||if you%26#039;re attacking;re nuts are a prime target...period...|||If a man is doing something so awful, that causes a woman to react in such a way, then he doesn%26#039;t deserve to be able to reproduce and create more creatures like himself.

So I say kick him there, but only in a life threatening situation or in the case of attempted rape. And yes kicking in the shins and knees is very effective, and for some men kicking in the privates doesn%26#039;t bring them down. But in such a situation, a woman is *Panicking*, not thinking all this out.

Oh! and it just hit me, ---%26quot;the weaker sex%26quot;---

--You chauvinistic pig, you.--

And if a man is humiliating a woman he deserves more that to just be humiliated. And if he%26#039;s trying to incapacitate the woman then he deserves to be incapacitated.|||I would disagree for a couple reasons.

1. Women do have sensitive parts that if kicked are just as agonizing to them as to us.

2. If the guy is attacking a women he shoud be put to death. A between the legs shot should be the least of his concerns.

3. Would you feel this way if it was your mom, wife, sister, or girlfriend that was being attacked?

4. In an extreme situation like this the attacker is not gonna stop, let you think about what to do, and then allow you to kick him in the shins or knees. If he is attacking a women, all is fair. He is using his advantages (strength) against the women. She should be allowed to use her advantages as well (groin shot)|||BS. *I* believe that men should never abuse, rape, mug, or carjack women, but they still do it anyway. It%26#039;s %26quot;ungentlemanly%26quot;; could cause serious physical, mental, or emotional trauma; and is more humiliating and unfair than a kick to the groin!

Your logic is pretty flawed, and it%26#039;s uncaring and sexist to boot. If a woman is being forcibly raped or attacked, she has EVERY right to defend herself by the most effective means possible. Tell you want - go to a biker bar and kick some guy in the knees. Then see how %26quot;incapacitated%26quot; he is; if you%26#039;re right, you won%26#039;t be beaten to a pulp.|||Considering you are not a female, I can understand why you have no idea how painfully terrifying it is to be sexually molested/harassed. So I will forgive you your ignorance. For you will never be haunted by a terrifying memory that happened to me when I was younger.This being the case, I challenge you to be attacked, crippled by fear, by a huge, terrifying man and try to escape by kicking their shins and knees.|||I think the only time a girl should justifiably kick a guy %26quot;where it hurts%26quot; is if she%26#039;s in serious danger, such as something like rape. He doesn%26#039;t deserve to have children if he would dare disrespect ANY one (especially a woman) in that way.

And on a personal note, I don%26#039;t like being called the weaker sex.|||First, if a guy is gonna try to rape me, you better believe I%26#039;m gonna kick his %26quot;baby makers%26quot; (you know you would if a guy tried to rape you!)

Second, since we are the %26quot;weaker sex%26quot; we need to have some kind of physical advantage on guys.

I believe a girl should never have to defend herself cuz a guy should never go after her, but we don%26#039;t live in a perfect world!|||In self defense it is always appropriate. Depending on how you are attacked it may be the only way to escape. Do not lose your life over being afraid to kick a man%26#039;s %26quot;babymakers%26quot;. If he is attacking a woman, just imagine what he would do to a child. This post is appalling on so many levels.|||they should only be allowed to do that if we are allowed to kick back the same area.... And yes it would hurt a girl terribly

I saw a girl kicked in the groin once and she went down like a ton of bricks

plus women think when they kick a guy in the nuts that the reaction is immediate. That is false there is a ten second delay. And we can do some serious damage in ten seconds|||Hey if a man is gonna attack a woman like in a rape or something then why risk getting pregnant? So now the guy will fall over in pain allowing escape for the women and if he does actually attempt it again it would hurt to much. So shut up. If im attacked I%26#039;m gonna kick the guy where ever the f*ck I want and how ever many times I want.

I dont care how much it hurts him... he%26#039;d probably deserve it|||Disagree. If a woman is almost being raped, you expect her to think, %26quot;hmm, maybe I shouldn%26#039;t knee him where it hurts, the shins will be just fine%26quot;? Plus, if he is trying to rape her, then he doesn%26#039;t need a package anyways!

Plus, it hurts girls too to be hit down there, hurts the bone. Worst pain ever. And the boobs hurt too when we get hit there. Guys just have a lower pain tolerance. :P|||If you are playing;s completely inappropriate. However, if some guy is trying to take me down or grab me from behind or hurt me? You bet I%26#039;m going for the family jewels. Sure the shins and knees hurt but as you are well aware...a kick to the groin is immobilizing and stops any attack if acurate.|||Are you effing Serious? If a guy was trying to rape me i would dislocate it if i could so he couldn%26#039;t use it anymore. I have never kicked a guy there and won%26#039;t, but if a guy was hurting me or raping me i would in a second, i can%26#039;t believe you think we shouldn%26#039;t be able to defend ourselves. Geez|||I totally agree. The only way that is ok is if ur life is in danger, then whatever it takes is acceptable. But for any other reason is unacceptable. Did you get kicked there? So sorry if you did. It is very unfeminine for a female to hit a guy what so ever, no matter where it%26#039;s at. Girls that hit are so tacky. They think it%26#039;s cute but really it%26#039;s not.|||Obviously your not aware...

Its a great way to protect yourself from rape or other harmful things.

Also , it hurt women VERY VERY VERY much to be kicked inthe vagina. Think... Bones and Skin! Being kicked. It hurts.

Also , WE women do have equal pain we face in our life.

Birth , Periods.... Getting hit in the boobs.

I only think it should be used if in serious danger.|||%26quot;It%26#039;s humiliating and unfair since the weaker sex...%26quot;

You deserve to be kicked in the nuts for saying that, sir.

And if a 60 year old pysco is trying to rape me, ill stab him in the nuts if I have to.|||Okay I agree that women should never do it normally but in case of self defence by a rapist, it has to be done - someone like that doesn%26#039;t deserve kids and deserves everything coming to him.|||I agree with you man , but except the part of self defense. Because women on average are weaker than men , and that is their way of solving the problem lol ( when they are in danger that is..)|||If it%26#039;s in self defense, it%26#039;s okay. If it turns out he can%26#039;t have kids, so what? If he%26#039;s running around attacking women, he isn%26#039;t the type of person who should be having kids anyway.|||Depends if the guy deserves it or if a girl was being attacked she should def. go for the baby maker sometimes its the only way to bring a guy down, but just to hit a guy in the nuts because she felt like then that%26#039;s wrong!|||I think they should, cause if it%26#039;s any one like you, or deserves to be kicked there, they don%26#039;t deserve to reproduce....girls can do anything guys can do plus more....can you give birth? didn%26#039;t think so.|||Men are usually taller and stronger than women so they%26#039;re at an advantage physically. It%26#039;s only fair to kick them in the nuts! Thats what I think.. I%26#039;m also pro for castration|||My mother taught me to kick hard and repeatedly between the legs of a man who is trying to attack you.|||I would!! because guys sometimes hit girls were it hurts us most by accident ! crest!!|||agreed its not only excruciating but it can lead to cancer or my kids having 3 arms or some other crazy deformity|||if the guy is trying to hurt/rape her, then he flipping well deserves to be kicked there!|||i think your wrong.|||if a woman kicked me in the nuts i%26#039;d pull her hair out.|||no|||I agree.

girls dont know how much it hurts.|||I%26#039;ve often heard it said that a gentleman NEVER strikes a Lady. But when the Lady strikes the gentleman first, she abdicates that title, and IT%26#039;S ON!

Your best course of action is to never put yourself in the position (by being an attacker, or simply an ***) to make a woman WANT to kick you in the balls. Then you have NOTHING to worry about.

For Violet: Yeah, that%26#039;s why WOMEN get to pass that bowling-ball sized object during childbirth. Men couldn%26#039;t handle the pain.

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