Monday, November 16, 2009

Ladies: What do you do/use for self defense?

Different people do different things, and carry different stuff for self defense. Ladies often need to give this question a little more consideration than men. What sort of things do you do to protect yourselves?|||I am licensed to carry concealed, but do not carry a gun with me at all times.....actually I very rarely carry it.

I think a woman%26#039;s best weapons are her elbows, knees, and feet!

In my truck I keep a large mag-lite flashlight tucked right next to my seat....nice reach and really heavy.

I have never personally been attacked (knock on wood), but a friend was assaulted in the mall parking lot. The guy tried to pull her out of her car ~ she went up side his head with her mag-lite. Little scum bag ran like a wounded puppy.|||My 2 best friends, Smith and Wesson.|||truth is, I never go anywhere alone without a weapon. ever.

and i grew up with brothers, so im fierce and I fight dirty.|||They whine real loud, and no man on earth wants to hear that so men do the usual thing, ignore them and leave.|||My boyfriend teaches me Kung- Fu

Just basic stuff like flips and arm locks and how to wiggle my way out of any situation.

But if theres something around i can pick up and use as a bat i would.|||Keys. When walking to my car I keep them in my hand with the keys between my fingers. The bulk of the keys would have the effect of brass knuckles and the protruding keys would tear the flesh......|||I have taught my wife some Krav Maga but I feel that it is not a real solution for women because even the most fit and prepared woman lacks the upper body strength to defend herself against a male; her most likely attacker. She has similar feelings about pepper spray and stun guns

I taught her how to use firearms and that is her preferred method of self defense. For home defense she has a 20 gauge pump shotgun. I prefer the pump because it is less likely to fail then a semi automatic. I like the shotgun itself because it has no equal when it come to stopping power. I like 20 gauge because it has less recoil but the wound patterns are simular to the harder to handle 12 gauge.

When she is in public she uses the same type of handguns I carry. We both like the Glock 19C, we like the 9 mm because it is cheap to shoot (gotta practice), low recoil and the Cor Bon round has adequate stopping power. We also like a Rossi 44 Special revolver (I think Rossi discontinued this model but Charter Arms makes one). It is easy to use. comparatively low recoil and an excellent stopper. For times when we both like the North American Arms derringer in 22L. She can even conceal it in her tiny hands, it may not be a great stopper but it beats nothing. This has evolved into a huge hobby for her, she now collects mouse guns.

Mrs Dashloc is very well armed and a very hard target despite her small size. So bad guys out there remember; that 4 %26quot;10%26quot; 95 pound woman you are thinking about attacking may well be the end of you.

If you want your wife/sister/girlfriend/mother to be safe get her a firearm, training and a Concealed Cary Permit. If your state does not have a Shall Issue Permit; move! It is the best way to keep her safe.|||many self defense classes teach one of two different approaches....

most common is %26quot;injure them so bad the have to hand themselves into hospital%26quot;

this is so 1- they cant chase you, and 2- they eventually get caught when they seek medical help.

some more dangerous areas have woman%26#039;s self defense classes that teach %26quot;dead men tell no lies in court%26quot;

All teach how to disarm and maim

Both styles are effective.

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