Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where can I get self defense products?

I am looking for some sort of self defense other than me trying to learn how to defend my self physically. i am a petite women. Not much phisical strength.|||before you even consider doing so it would be wise to get some legal advice. where i live it is illegal to carry an implement for the purpose of being a weapon unless you are a police officer, military personel, or a security officer who is appropriately licensed.

you may be petite but even if you do batter your enemy in a confrontation, you might face a second more powerful enemy - the law.

the best advice i can give you in this format is to be aware of your environment. if you are switched on and having a running commentary of what is going on around you in your head, you are likely to see potential dangerous situations and avoid them by walking/running away, or deal with them in a pre emptive way.

if you must use some sort of product it should only really be something you improvise at the time, and even that may be seriously frowned upon in court if you end up there. when the crunch occurs only you can decide how far you will go.

be smart, be safe, and if something happens avoid it to the best of your ability and if that fails be basic but brutal and run and phone the authorities as soon as its safe to do so

best wishes

r.|||I have alot of self defense products that I sell over the net. I am currently working on my site. But I have pepper spray, stun devices and batons, surveillance systems and hidden cameras. Email me with what you are interested in and I can send you photos and info on all items. I ship by UPS within 3-5 days of payment.|||I suggest you avoid relying on these. You will not learn effective self-defense from books or dvds.

Today, it is widely recognized that unless you go through a reality based training, you will not be well prepared to face the real life situation.

Yes, join a self-defense course which does reality based training.

Good luck.

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