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Which is better to aid in weight loss but also improve in self-defense, tae kwan do or Muay Thai?

I%26#039;m 5%26#039;7 and 195...although I don%26#039;t look my weight i need to drop some serious pounds. My main initial goal is to get back to my target weight but i also want something to have for the long run. I love the fighting aspect of both martial arts but i%26#039;m a bit confused on which would provide me in maintaining a good weight and teaching me the fight and self-defense aspect.|||Both will do great in terms of cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance and weight loss.

In terms of self defense, I don%26#039;t know of any Muay Thai schools that teach self defense, as in, a guy puts you in a bear hug or head lock, what do you do. Muay Thai will toughen you up, and teaches you how to fight, speed, reaction, punches, elbows, knees and kicks, but not things like grabbing defense or knife defense, etc. Muay Thai also doesnt have any belts or ranking system. Many people forget that Muay Thai is also a sport.

Most Tae Kwon Do schools will have self defense as part of their curriculum. For example, you%26#039;d start as a white belt, and to advance to yellow belt you would have to learn a few kicks, a few punching defense moves, a form (kata or poomse) and 2 to 4 self defense techniques.

Also Tae Kwon Do is generally more available and easier to find training than Muay Thai.

Either one will help you for sure. If you have both available in your area, try checking them both out and see which one you like better.

It%26#039;s important to find a place close enough for you to train often for you to really reap the benefits.

Good luck.

James|||try not to focus too much on the art as that can lead you to joining a Mcdojo, (schools that make you pay way too much without teaching you the art you want). just check out all the schools in your area before deciding on what School you want to join|||taekwondo, or wrestling|||It is not a question of what you do, but how you do it. You will lose weight and become proficient because you are consistent with the frequency and intensity of your workout. If you enjoy Tae Kwon Do and do it daily with great intensity how can you not lose weight and improve? The same can be asked of Muay Thai. Muay Thai can be more painful and tends to be a more aggressive system, so many people shy away from it or quit. Bottom line is enjoy what you do and the rewards will follow because you will be active and healthy.|||Muay Thai. The exercise regiments are probably more rigorous, but it depends totally on the teacher. Muay Thai also attracts the more serious students who will be more willing to do tough workouts.|||TKD|||my suggestion would be start with tae kwon do first because it will get you accustomed to training in a martial art. after sticking with that and seeing the results from that, then transition in ti muay thai for more rigorous workouts.|||Thats totally depends on you. Tae kwon do follows a more softer approach to start with. While Muay Thai requires rigrous training. You can start with any of them as per the availability of courses. Both are gud and effective form of martial arts. The best way is find out who in your town is the best teacher of these arts, whosever is the best learn that art. Also Self defense teaches u to have patience. So meet the tecahers, whosever appears you to be calm and composed is the best teacher and go for it.|||Try to find an ITF TKD school, you will learn to fight and lose weight. WTF is more sporty...Also try Tang Soo Do or Soo Bahk Do, they good as well. Muay Thai has its ups and downs but as for losing weight through it, I can not comment|||It%26#039;s going to vary depending on the school. Both styles are self defense and fitness oriented. You%26#039;ll have to take a look at both schools, and assess from there. There%26#039;s a variety of factors that can determine how it is done. Whether it%26#039;s the instructor in question, the school, it%26#039;s training methods, it%26#039;s goals, and so forth.

Muay Thai will more than likely attempt to work you to your bone so to speak, but there are good schools (And bad) in both styles for what you%26#039;re talking about. Before you make your decision, I want you to take trial courses from schools that teach the styles, ask the instructors about their methods, and possible training intensity. Then pick from there. There%26#039;s nothing wrong with switching after some time either, and the two styles complement each other.

Good luck|||Of course I%26#039;m biased to Tae Kwan Do. I teach it. It is great for weight control and endurance. As a self defense it can get you up and ready faster than most other arts. It may not be the best for everyone. I believe you are in a good size and weight range to be effective.

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