Monday, November 16, 2009

What is important about self defense?

What information would you put in if you were to create a PowerPoint presentation on the fact that a person who uses excessive force in an act of self defense,shouldn%26#039;t have to go to jail.|||Civilians do not have the same mission as law enforcement officers have. Police Officers have the right by law to use a little bit more force than the offender.Police are required by their mission and policy to respond to, and deal with, circumstances that may require use of force. Civilians are not required to get involved in any situation requiring the use of force.Civilians have the right to use %26quot;reasonable force%26quot; (as do the police) if their perception is that an adversary is trying to hurt someone. And again in my personal opinion a person should not use excessive force. Lets say that some guy pushed me what should i do get a gun and shoot him? Put the use of force model in ur presentation..i live in canada so maybe is a bit different ..I am taking Law and Security - Corrections. There is a use of force model for Corrections. Hope it helps.

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