Saturday, November 14, 2009

Self defense?

Can someone come up with a good web-site or a good book that teaches really good self defense methods.

I am not really looking for martial arts, but am looking for the best self defense from street gangs, spounse abuse, child abuse and so on.

For example, what do I if I get mugged?

CREED||| here%26#039;s a site

I%26#039;ve read magazine articles from mags that are much better though. I recommend always being aware of your surroundings and employing the pre-emptive strike when-ever possible. Know where to hit - eg if you are on the ground, grab the skin of the attackers inner thigh, pull hard and twist and get ready to jump up and run... or slap both of their ears really hard at the same time (instant headache, did it to myself LOL) there%26#039;s alot of moves to learn but basically learn how to move your body and be confident.

Practice throwing your elbows hard at a target and practice bringing your knees up as hard and fast as you can so when you need to, its second nature without putting much thought into it. Also learn to use ANYTHING as a weapon and practice different ways of using everyday objects.

With gangs there will always be a %26quot;leader%26quot; and a %26quot;tough guy%26quot;. Be as aggressive as possible and immobilise the tough guy first, then the leader, then the rest of the gang will dissipate and run. Always fight at the flank.

If someone attacks you in your home, firstly throw whatever you can at them real hard, then grab a weapon (ie umbrella, knife, scissors, screwdriver) and run onto your front lawn to get attention from neighbours. If you have to attack pre-emptively or defend yorself from the person, be vicious. Scissors/screwdrivers can be jammed between the ribs or in the ears etc... think nasty and then do it!

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