Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is it a crime to use guns in self-defense? And what if you kill someone will you go to prison for that?

Is there laws for self-defense? Could you to prison for killing someone during self-defense?|||The Law exists, and is there. However there are some little minor glitches here.

1) Why do you have a gun?

2)Why did you not attempt to walk away and call the Police/

(taking the Law in to your own hands...)

3) you must be able to prove beyond reasonable %26quot;doubt%26quot; that you were in a situation of self defense, and you had no other recourse.

Most likely you will go to prison, unless you can prove with witnesses.............|||its only classed as self defence if you use equal force to protect your self (they have a gun and your life is in danger)|||well it is ok in my view it is self defence put the judge will say it is manslorter but on so some time it will be fine but it is self defence|||IT DAMN WELL BETTER BE SELF DEFENSE





OR YOUR GOING DOWN FOR MURDER|||Varies from state to state, but in all of them save one, the key phrase is: %26quot;I was in fear of my life%26quot; and you will have to show evidence you were cornered without a reasonable expectation of escaping from something or someone capable of maiming your body. Recalls to mind a woman that was chased down into her basement by a male intruder. There was a small window which let in the sunlight that she did not consider. She went to jail.

To be out in public, many states require you have a weapons permit. Especially for any handguns. You can have a handgun in your house IF you are the owner, otherwise it takes the permission of the owner. Any child that finds your gun and misuses it makes you responsible.

Thus far, most states do not regulate stun guns.

Only in Texas can we defend our property. An important distinction. Property includes livestock, the grounds up to the fence line and automobiles.|||while you should not be, it will be up to the local DA to determine if charges will be filed or not.

Many states expect you to try to run away if possible and you may have to prove your life was in danger, not just in fear of being robbed.|||Yes you can if you cannot prove that it was self defense and if you kill them really bad, like shooting them in the back. You can always shoot them in the leg until they turn around though. LOL! In California, you can kill an intruder in your residence whether or not that intruder is armed. If you kill them coming in your window and they fall back out, drag their stupid no good for nothing butt inside the house. Fact is, I cannot believe that story about a basement window and her going to jail. Do you realize how illogical and ludicrous that sounds? Maybe the window was up too high. Maybe I knew I would not be able to get away from the perp no matter what window I tried, in time to save my life. I live alone. It is night time. Somebody is coming in one of my windows. I need no witnesses to the fact that I was in fear of my life. I need no witnesses to the fact that I am no mind reader with exray vision that knew if the intruder was armed or not before I killed them. What, are you supposed to call out, %26quot;ARE YOU ARMED OR NOT?%26quot; Puhleeze. You have a right to bear arms and protect yourself in your home.|||no|||It depends on where you live!! But in the US no it is not a crime as long it is in self defense. Or protection of self, family, home!|||depends on if the use of force was justified, if some one Punchs you in the face and you shoot him that%26#039;s murder, if they are cutting you with a knife and have you backed Ina corner no

home invasions are different and some American states have weird laws

how every if you can avoid killing someone you must

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