Saturday, November 14, 2009

Self defense?

How can I be a model mugger for a women%26#039;s self defense class? How often will I get kicked in the nuts and will it hurt? Any girls been n a self defense class and kicked the guy n the balls?|||Why would you want to volunteer to let women kick you in the nuts? It is very painful from what I hear. Oh, I get it your into that dominatrix stuff and get off on women being violent to men. Before you quit your day job pay someone to kick you in the nuts as hard as they can and then you can determine if you really want to become a self-defense dummy.|||You need proper protective gear.

Ever seen the shows where they show k9 units getting trained and the guy looks like the BF Goodritch mascot?

You need a cup, some sturdy gear, and yes, you will need a heck of a lot of advil.|||well, depends what they are learning. you will get padding and such. it wont hurt or leave ya sore or anything. but you will feel a little bit.|||Wear a cup. %26#039;nuff said|||it depends on how much respect or care you have for your twins|||Wouldn%26#039;t you be wearing protective gear?

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