Monday, November 16, 2009

What are some good, simple self-defense moves?

I%26#039;m a wuss %26amp; a coward. I admit it. I%26#039;ve always been a very weak guy who doesn%26#039;t know anything about fighting. As a result, I have been bullied a lot in my life, especially in my teen years %26amp; have had never had a girlfriend. I am in my mid-20%26#039;s now %26amp; don%26#039;t have any problems with bullies, but I still have never had a GF and I sometimes have a habit of letting jerks walk all over me. It rarely happens %26amp; I have gotten better at standing up for myself, but I am always secretly scared whenever I do stand up for myself %26amp; I think I%26#039;d have more self-confidence if I knew how to defend myself. I%26#039;ve tried both Kung-Fu %26amp; boxing, but it never worked out. I%26#039;m a simple guy who wants to know just a small hand full of some simple self-defense moves. I don%26#039;t wanna ever actually engage in a fight. My plan is, if I ever have to fight is to do the simple self defense move, then run away %26amp; call the police. I%26#039;m not a fighter. I don%26#039;t wanna be a fighter. I just wanna learn how to survive %26amp; be more confident.|||You are your own worse enemy in that you are what and how you think you are. You make statements like, %26#039; I am a wuss and a coward.%26quot; Your subconscious mind says OK, your wish is my command, and you are therefore a wuss and a coward.

With the proper mindset and self confidence which will come from inside after you have re-written your %26quot; Rules of Engagement%26quot;, if you will, you will become a new man, and without the ongoing fear factor, you will find less desire or need for learning an effective fight system. Without the proper mindset and self confidence, Steven Segal would be a wuss and a coward. It is imperative you master these two qualities first, before learning any fight system.

After having done that, get ready for that special woman in your life, as she will soon be there for you.

You can take all the flying lessons in the world, but if you have a fear of flying, all the training will be useless if you cannot apply it.

Start immediately in re-programming your subconscious mind with positive affirmations, Pen and paper, and write statements such as, %26quot; I am very self confident%26quot;. or %26quot; Women are attracted to me because of my high level of self confidence%26quot;. Write each of these affirmations 10 times or more, and do this daily.

Use subliminal programs to re-program your sub conscious mind for a high level of self confidence. When the changes take place on the subconscious level, the changes will come from the inside out without interference from your conscious mind.

After you have gained a respect for yourself, then check out the IDF ( Israeli defense force) fight system, Krav Maga. This is what law enforcement agents learn. You would benefit greatly from enrolling in a training course, or there are highly effective training films available on the Internet.

In summary, start by building your self confidence and mindset and you will find your need for a fight system will have diminished considerably. But if you feel the need, get some Krav Maga training and you will be mentally equiped to fight to the finish and come out the winner whether against CQB ( Close Quarter Battle) hand to hand or weapons attack.

Note: Recently, Body Weapons had a special on Krav Maga and the two trainees who were already trained in many martial arts systems, were totally unequiped to deal with the Krav Maga fighters tactics. This included vicious knife attacks from knife fighting professionals, which Krav Maga fighters either disarmed or used weapon to defeat attacker.

Darryl S.|||I did as you said and I feel better already. Report Abuse
|||1st I will ask you a question .How often do you intend on practicing any moves we might tell you?If not everyday forget it .Your action has to be automatic without any thought to make you hesitate.That takes tons of practice.Your action has to over ride your fear.Practice kicks no more than stomach hi down to the knees .Then practice knee attacks to the groin or stomach.Then practice grab pull and punch go in for a leg tackle.All these things can be practiced on a heavy bag as your opponent

Remember the only true self defense is walk away or run away everything else is fighting whether you started it or not and that is how the law sees it.|||The best, if there is such a thing, self-defense move is simple, yet very hard to do.

Avoid getting yourself into a situation were fighting becomes an issue.|||Try a MA school again. Do something different like TKD - schools are everywhere and you should have no trouble finding one.

I say try again because there is nothing that any Yahoos can tell you that will help you with confidence or in a practical application if you were defending yourself. You need to learn the techniques and practice them on a regular basis and in different scenarios in the dojo.

You will learn alot of different techniques to defend yourself, but you will only actually need a few...and luckily enough, those are the ones they teach you first (simple kicks and punches).

Please try it again and really get into it. As you progress your confidence will increase with your abilities. Good luck!|||keep at least one or two guns at your home.keep them handy,hidden,loaded,and indifferent in the need to at least be able to protect your home.|||Kick em in the balls. Quick and effective. Start by standing in a good side stance. legs shoulder width apart, practice lifting your knee as fast as you can. Once you perfect the knee kick, start throwing the leg out behind it. Also, poking people in the eyes, HARD, is another great move.|||You can still do martial arts, learn some great things, and not be a fighter. If you want to check out some self defense things online, I would suggest youtube, or expertvillage.

If you plan on using any of these techniques, you have to practice a lot to be able to them on instinct.|||That won%26#039;t work. If you don%26#039;t don%26#039;t wanna ever actually engage in a fight, you will never be able to effectively defend yourself. hearing about some moves on Yahoo! Answers will not stop some guy from punking you in the middle of the street. So either cowboy the eff up, or continue to cry yourself asleep, but if you do not like to fight you will never actually be able to, should the need arise. And no, do not get any guns. If you cannot find hand to hand, you will not be able to effectively use weapons either. Pull out a gun, the guy will sense your fear, take the gun from you, and then either shoot you or beat you, or both.|||Having suffered (and I mean suffered!) from low self-esteem and depression all my life I can only add that Stingray is the man to listen to... No %26#039;self defense%26#039; move is going to help you if your cringing in a corner with your hands over your face... Try Stingray%26#039;s advice and if that doesn%26#039;t work get some professional counselling help... You need to build your ego, not your muscles! ;-) All the very best with it... I do Tae Kwon Do by the way, I%26#039;m %26#039;only%26#039; a yellow belt (get told off for putting the %26#039;only%26#039; all the time... ), but it%26#039;s getting better all the time... My hubby and my nine year old also do TKD and they are both Blue Belts... (I had a six month break to get through my last depression.. but I%26#039;m on their tails!)

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