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Is tai chi and capeiora good for self defense?

these martial arts look elegant and magnificent, but they are so beautiful that i wonder if they would help in an actual street fight. I will probably take a martial art, but i would like one that is good for my mind-body, as well as self defense.|||I study Chen Style Tai Chi chuan, and I have to say, it%26#039;s great and I always get exited ofr the next lessons becuase it%26#039;s so great. It%26#039;s a martial art and studies have shown it%26#039;s also great for health benifits.

Tai Chi Chuan is roughly translated to %26quot;Supreme Ultimate Fist%26quot;. This being the case, it was originally meant to be a martial art and has great potential for those patient enough to learn it. It is practiced slowly due to the idea that there are no basics: in Karate, TKD, Tang Soo Do, etc. one can practice reverse punches, front kicks, and all sorts of other single movements at full speed. As Tai Chi Chuan is an internal art that first focuses on breathing, balance, and centering, one cannot begin performing movements at full speed right away.

Don%26#039;t believe anyone who tells you that Tai Chi was not meant for fighting or that it%26#039;s just for old people, that is a huge fallacy. However, most instructors do not TEACH its fighting applications, which in some cases might as well be the same thing. All styles can be used for combat.

Tai Chi is meant to be done slowly, one or twice a day, and then quickly one or twice a day. So in total you should be doing at least one slow set and one fast set of your Tai Chi form every day. This imprints these motions into your brain, and doing them slowly makes sure every nuance of movement is remembered. After doing this everyday for a year or years your body and mind has adopted these movements as Second Nature. So when an attack, obstacle, or accident comes you react with Tai Chi out of habit.

Tai Chi Chuan has lasted over the CENTURIES because this method actually works, it just takes time to be effective. The best styles of Tai Chi Chuan that are usually considered for combat are Chen and Sun. These are known to be the more external forms, having moves that end abruptly or that are directed outward from the body in a straight or curved line. Chen style is the oldest and most classic, but Sun is still a very effective and powerful style.

The Yang style, the most popular and the second oldest style, will work just as well for these combat purposes.

Tai Chi Chuan is based upon taking your opponent%26#039;s attack, redirecting its%26#039; energy, and then counterattacking.

Videos of Tai Chi as a defensive martial art.

Most tai chi masters believe that Tai chi chuan is first, and foremost, a martial art. Sure Tai Chi in the early stages is not a very effective Martial Art, but in the LONG RUN, it is very effective because you learn to move and use your opponents energy against them and for your favor. Here%26#039;s more information:;ai_chi|||Every martial art is good for mind and body, but tai chi and capoeira are more for fitness and fun rather than self-defense. For self-defense, try hapkido or aikido or more intense combat sports, such as kickboxing, for example.|||i don%26#039;t know about capeiora(because I haven%26#039;t studied it) but tai chi is a fighting art.

Just be careful where you go. Usually it is taught with an emphasis on body position and weight distribution. Many places teach tai chi as an exercise only. Make sure you go to a school that works on the combative applications of the style as well .

On then other hand, tai chi is usually a great second style to learn if your goal is self defense. Learning your %26#039;basics%26#039; first will give you a good foundation to understand tai chi principles better.

I had seven years of kung fu before I started tai chi. I was quick and sneeky and hit like a truck before, but now I have added a level of suppleness that has made me even better.

One final thought. Any martial art will take time, dedication and a ton of focus and effort. The mental focus developed while training will give you the %26#039;mind-body%26#039; thing, provided you have a good instructor.

Hope this helps

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