Saturday, November 14, 2009

*Self Defense*?

Do you guys know any recent stories in which a person got hurt because of physical damage, something that could%26#039;ve been stopped with self defense experience?? Thank-you*|||I had a personal experience when I was younger. It really opened my eyes. I was walking down the street and 3 drunk guys started harassing me. They said that I flipped them off when I didn%26#039;t and I told them I didn%26#039;t want any trouble and didn%26#039;t want to fight. I said everything I could to avoid the conflict, and then one of them punched me and knocked out my front tooth. When I punched him back and knocked him to the ground on his back they stopped and left me alone. The others were afraid that I would knock them down too.

The funny thing was that these guys lived in the same apartment complex as me. We had never met before and they weren%26#039;t bad people. They had families and good jobs. They were just out being stupid for the night I guess. This happened over 15 years ago and I still receive checks from them in the mail every month from restitution. I had filed a police report and the police caught up with them. I never went to court but I guess the judge made them pay me anyway.

Lesson is that people are the same as animals. They prey on the weak. If you look weak you will get attacked. If you look like you can dish out some punishment you will be left alone.

I have a friend that looks mean but he is actually really nice. He has never been in a fight in his life because he is in good shape (not huge just average) and looks mean. He is very blunt when he speaks to people so he comes across as kind of a jerk in a way but people are intimidated by him.|||CHECK MY MOST RECENT QUESTION ON MY PG Report Abuse
|||countless stories|||yea 9/11 if bill clinton had killed binlauden those 9 times.|||Countless number of stories... but the reality is it%26#039;s just not as juicy for the media then self-defense gone so far it killed the assaulter.|||With my mad karate skills, I could send someone away crawling on their knees.

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