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Is someone rapes you can you kill them in self defense?

I see it as:

Often times rapes lead to murders so could you kill someone in self defense if they only raped you (during it, not after) because I%26#039;d rather be safe than take my chances. Would you be convicted for manslaughter?|||You are unlikely to be prosecuted for killing your rapist before or during the attack. If you kill him afterwards, just make sure you can convince the district attorney that he wasn%26#039;t leaving, and you were scared of being attacked a second time.|||Rip his heart out. And if you were my daughter I%26#039;d ressurect him and kill him again.|||If you were lucky enough to kill them at the time of the rape, who is going to convict you?|||Self defense is always a little risky, since it is all circumstantial (ie, there is no law that says its legal self defense in these areas, but not in these other areas). However, I think you%26#039;re pretty safe to kill him, it that%26#039;s what it takes.|||I am very impressed with the arguments so many people make saying you can or can%26#039;t do this. It is also obvious that almost none of them have any experience in this area and are trying to reason this out without having any background in criminal law or law enforcement.

The law on self defense in most states hingest on the following items:

The person has the perceived ability to do you grave bodily harm,

The opportunity to do grave bodily harm, and immediate jeopardy.

For example, you stand a block away holding a knife and yell %26quot;I%26#039;m going to kill you!%26quot; You have the weapon, the ability, but there is not the immediate jeopardy because they are farther away from you than the weapon is capable of being used.

Honestly, if you can articulate how you were in fear for your life, the person was intent on attacking you, and there was immediate jeopardy you should be fine for self defense.

As for somebody who was never a cop telling you to aim for an arm, leg, etc. that is Hollywood talk. They taught us to shoot center mass for a reason. It stops the attack, and if due to adrenaline, fear, etc. you are right, left, up or down from your point of aim, you are still likely to produce a wound which will stop the attack.

I love the way a social worker hypothesizes about the law like they really have a clue or have been involved in a deadly force incident. I can tell you, it%26#039;s horrible, lives are changed forever and hobody should look for it. If it happens, deal with it, but no one should have to go thru this unless it is life or death and a violent physical attack is life or death in my book.|||I should hope you couldn%26#039;t get convicted of a manslaughter or muder charge, but I%26#039;m sure it could happen if you couldn%26#039;t prove that they were raping you. That sucks though, because if someone were raping me, you can be damn sure I would do everything in my power to kill them before they could kill me.|||You would have a very good chance of not being indicted.|||The expectation is that you will attack in self defense until you are able to get away. You could face punishment if you continue hitting after the rapist is down. Probably not, but it is possible that an investigator could prove hits after the need for self defense has passed.

So if this ever comes to pass, remember that there is a limit to self defense.|||this sounds pre-meditated.....JUST KIDDING. I think you should be able to kill some jerk@*f that decides to take matters into his own hands.|||Unfortunately, if someone is raping you you can put a gun to their stomach and tell them to get off. If they even breath or hesitate shoot him. This is the true definition of self defense. Also, if you don%26#039;t kill him and he continues coming at you shoot again. I would try to shoot them in the stomach and legs or arms, you want him alive if at all possible.If he has a weapon you can see or feel you can kill him.|||only if you are sure without a doubt, that your life were in danger.

and you will have to prove it in a court of law. the jury may go either way.|||It%26#039;d probably be considered undue force and you%26#039;d get a life sentence and he would be out in 18 months.

Sorry I%26#039;ve become a cynic with the judicial system in North America. Too many rights for the perps and very few for the victims.|||Why would you care about the consequences when it is happening? Are you planning to kill someone and are looking for an excuse?

To answer your question if your in jeopardy of bodily harm you may use lethal force if you realistically feel your life is in jeopardy. If you are being raped there is no jurisdiction in the country that would go against you.|||Yeah I think that would be considered self defense.|||If someone is attempting to rape you, blast him to bits! No jury in the world is going to find you guilty of shooting some bastard who is trying to hurt you.|||I think you can kill summ one if the were rapin you cuz it would be self defense..... so yeah i think that would be reasonable.... and since it would be self defense i think that you would not get convicted of murder....|||hell yes, there%26#039;s a self-defense legal defense for that.|||of course yes because u have a soul and if he is hurting ur soul then u can use anything to protect urself even u can kill him|||You can only use as much force as is used upon you i believe. techinically rape is not murder, so i dont think rape would be an excuse for murder legally speaking. But it would probably help you explain to a jury why you did what you did.|||i%26#039;m not really sure. if they were going to kill you, then i think if you did i wouldn%26#039;t be as wrong. anyway if you didn%26#039;t kill them they would kill you. don%26#039;t kill anyone if you can help it though. if i was a hit or a punch than you really shouldn%26#039;t kill them. either way i think you would get in trouble. i dont think you would or you shouldnt be.|||A. Rape DOES NOT %26quot;often%26quot; lead to murder.

B. You are only allowed to use deadly force if you feel your life is in danger.

Unless a guy has a weapon, or a friend to help, it%26#039;s not difficult for a girl to prevent entry.|||since you asked this question...your premeditated murder excuse is ruined...just rat him out...find an adult or a cop or someone that can help you to arrest the ba stard and you won%26#039;t have his life on your conscience or any danger to your life...|||Listen to Lt. Dan.

If you are serious about this, making a decision to fight and not submit it the first step. I feel it%26#039;s important to make the decision before anything every happens and not waiting until you are attacked. Having a plan is important as well but few plans survive contact with the enemy. However chance favors the prepared person.

Pursue serious self defense training.|||Sure you can ... Make sure you have plenty of DNA.|||YES. the rapist is bad and wrong. the victim must do something to avoid harm. kill the rapist at the time it happens only. dont kill the rapist long after the rape happened because it is a revenge.|||I believe you will not be convicted in cases of self-defense.

Rape is not sex or love it is a violent crime felony....

but if you premeditate a felony like killing or cutting off his thing

then you will be convicted of manslaugter.|||not if you get a sane jury.|||i think i would like to take revenge but i don%26#039;t think that a man like this has the value that i can spend even one day in the jail for him.i also prefer to stay a victim and not guilty|||i think it okay because the court cannot cause you as the murder because you only want to defense yourself !|||not really..because see...this is a mans world and we run this if a man does that,hes doing it for a reason..dont let it get to;ll be o.k.|||no because if they rape you is their risk to get killed by the person their rapping

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