Monday, November 16, 2009

Is Wushu Kung Fu an effective form of self defense?

I was wondering if Wushu Kung Fu is an effective form of self defense. I can see how Wing chun is effective, but I%26#039;ve heard and seen wushu as more of a gymnastic sport. I know it may be effective, but will it be as effective as say, wing chun, or shaolin? %26lt;%26lt;%26lt; sorry if i%26#039;ve made any misconceptions, but I wasn%26#039;t sure.|||okay number one Wushu is Kung Fu. Wushu is the modify sports version on Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu is the real Shaolin Martial Arts. The Shaolin Wushu in the Shaolin Temple contains all of the Kung Fu systems. Wushu is very effective if the Sifu is really a sifu and if it is Shaolin wushu. Wushu is kung fu and it will contain everything that a Kung fu will have. So if you are going to do wushu then i will advise you to go to China and trained with Shaolin Monks and learned the real Wushu. Wushu is Jet Li%26#039;s martial arts. Wushu is Kung Fu so it has everything that Kung Fu have. But it will depends on who teaches it and how good and where the sifu learned it from. But if you really want to know go to Oregon where the real and the unmodify Wushu(Kung fu)- that have the number one deadliest and dangerous Kung fu system ( White Eyebrow Kung Fu) Which will make kung FU (wushu) very effective and very dangerous martial arts.|||i have studied for ..... well it seems like forever. and honestly i think it is the greatest martial art ever. you see kung fu is not like all the rest. kung fu is more a mind set than a fighting style. your mind is the most powerful weapon in the world and when you have trained it to be sharp as a razor it dosent matter what moves you know or how strong you are. you have the weapon of universal enlightenment. this allows you to have a sixth sense and and enormous power. you see things before they happen and you know how to react to them so that every advantage is on your side. as a great man once said %26quot; the power of the punch dosen%26#039;t matter if you dodged it yesterday%26quot; ---dayton thomas---- 4 elements martial arts teacher.|||

Wu Shu San Soo aka

Choy Li Fut San Shao Wu Shu aka

Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung Ga

Wu Shu is a generic term for Chinese Arts. It has been referenced with competitive styles due to it%26#039;s use of weapons and form training. But it has many styles and many of these are based in combatives. Wu - Shu is a term for Martial Way in Chinese Kung Fu is a term for Good work in a Certain trade or field. Wu Shu San Soo means Chinese professional fighting, Kung Fu San Soo means working in professional fighting. Tsoi or Choy is the family of Kicking and Punching, Li the family of Leverages, and Ho is the family of Strategy and Psychology of Combat. Hung is the family of Power and Strength and Fut is the family of Pressure Points and Nerve Study.

Thus it is also called the 5 family art from Southern China . This style comes from the Chin family lineage of China and has roots in Kwan Yin dating back to the 1500%26#039;s.|||wushu means martial arts in chinese,wushu cannot be concidered as self defence in wushu competitions combinations of movements r done,its like katas in karate.|||It can be, depending on the school, and how much realistic training they do (full contact sparring with resisting opponents)

Check out a class or two, then decide.|||All and any martial arts are effective( with the acception of weapon arts) i love wushu but unfortunatley cannot study it look at jet li just think this do u think you can take him on?

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