Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whats better for street fighting/self defense muy thai or karate?

Who would win in a fight a true karate expert or a great muy thai fighter. I know karate is made for self defense, and is also a life style. I am also aware of the fact that Karate is not a ring sport, so which art would do better in the streets. I would like to take up one, but i always run into black belts that i can beat up, while muy thai looks like the real deal for street fighting.|||its not the style that matters anyone that tell you a specific style does not understand martial arts.

there is no ultimate style or technique. if there was every military force would be studying it along with every one else.

its more the instructor that is important. a poor instructor no matter what style will not be able to teach you what you need to know. a good instructor will be able to show you what you need and how to apply it.

some arts do to longer then other to learn how to defend yourself. and no art can teach you over night what to do. it takes decades to understand one style and a life time to master any style.

personal for street fighting i have almost always used shotokan and little of any other style. but this is my personal preference and i have had very few issues that did not come out in my favor. just as a good muay thai fighter would prefer muay thai over karate.

you teach, your training methods and how skilled you are all that matter in a real life situation.

edit:%26gt; you people need to learn your history better.

muay thai is not a branch of karate. to-de jitsu is a combination of several styles one of which is muay thai. modern karate comes from to-de jitsu.

mauy thai does not come from karate.

2nd there are several theory to the development of karate. one of other theory%26#039;s is were, the shaolin monks developed there kung fu for self defense and was against there karma to kill. and karate was developed by the peichin class (samurai class of okinawa) in order to protect the king so they may have to kill there opponent. Matsumura who held a peichin title had a great influence on modern karate and developed it into a much more deadly art. he took kempo tode-jitsu and several other styles, and combined them together. if you look up the title to the major contributors to karate the majority of them were peichin.|||Karate was totally designed and invented for self-defense.

Muy Thai kick boxing was totally designed for prize fighting under predetermined conditions for the entertainment of ticket buying $$$$$ fans. Muy Thai kick boxing, BJJ, MMA, boxing, wrestling, are all ring sports. Karate is not a ring sport, it is a martial art (Budo).

Karate is a complete system of self-defense. All and every complete systems of self-defense have mandatory weapons usage and defense training. Mandatory multiple attack defense. Mandatory kata training. Mandatory philosophical/psychological training. And the time tested and proven combat techniques which allow you to defend yourself when jumped by a bunch of thugs on the street at a time of their choosing (and not your choosing).

A karate tournament is for technique testing and rank advancement under the most realistic conditions other than a street fight. A karate tournament or a Judo tournament are not prize fighting nor are they ring sports.|||I think Karate is more for show and at best self defense. If muy Thai is a grappling type of martial arts than that is the way to go. I think the best street fighting martial arts are Brazialian Jiu Jit-Su and a combination of kick boxing. But the if you are tied up by a grappler you can not get in any long range attacks once you have the person down you are basically in control.|||A well trained Muay Thai fighter is very very dangerous, as is a well trained karate student. Muay Thai is much more physically demanding to learn karate takes years to become what would be considered even above average, however if you are only looking for use in street fighting, you better get some foundation in wrestling as well, 90% of street fights that last longer then a few punches end up on the ground|||real fights on the street are over with in 30 seconds its all over.going

toe to toe with some one for 5 rounds is totaly a diffrent ball game.

thai boxing is better for the ring.but empty hand much more lethal.

but if you practice karate as a sport then your onto a looser.

the best karate exponants would not entertain any sparing.

because after all the years of training in any good martial art.

you will have muscle memory.either way a kick to the leg and the

elbow to the jaw from thai boxing.or a fast thumb in the eye from

karate. which one would you want.|||Any martial art will do provided you have the proficiency to apply it in any situation.

If you want to beat people up, forget about martial arts and go become a gangster!

Martial artists don%26#039;t get into street fights!|||Karate, if you can get into a good dojo, is just as good. Unfortuantely, it is harder to find a good karate dojo than a good muay thai gym in most places. Both can work very well, though.|||karate bc muay thai is just a branch of karate a karate guy would know everything a muay thai guy knows plus more its like a ripoff ya know, |||i think muy thai is kinnda slow karate is probly better but go for the brazilian jiu jitsu

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