Saturday, November 14, 2009

What does the term "grab, squeeze, pull" mean in women's self defense?

I%26#039;ve never taken a self defense course but I recently heard it%26#039;s a method taught.|||It does what it says on the tin...

Grab, his parts. Squeeze. Pull.

Simple, very effective, but not something you should do until absolutely necessary.|||it is a very dangerous defense technique that should only be used in extreme cases. You only have one shot at it, and if you aren%26#039;t mean enough to completely disable the attacker, you a likely to get injured worse. When i say completely disable, i mean just that--you have to be prepared to cause him enough pain (and hold on that long) to keep him on the ground in absolute AGONY, or worse. If you have your hands on his scrotum and are using the technique, you must not let go until you are completely sure he won%26#039;t get up again to continue his attack. In cases of forced oral rape, bite down as hard as you can and don%26#039;t let go until he quits moving is about the same idea; make sure he can%26#039;t hurt you or anyone else ever again. However, only the most inexperienced rapist will allow you to gain the %26#039;upper hand%26#039; in that situation, or be stupid enough to let you %26#039;take a bite out of crime%26#039;.|||You grab and squeeze the life out of an attacker%26#039;s b@lls.

Then pull down hard for additional injury.

It%26#039;s also called the %26quot;NO-FAIL DEFENSE AGAINST RAPE.%26quot;|||sounds like a good way to hurt a male part.|||i tot u meant the ears

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