Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Martial Arts are simple to learn and extremely effective for self defense?

I%26#039;m considering taking martial arts and I%26#039;m looking for some that are very easy to learn and very good for self defense.|||Judo|||I kido|||Of all the martial art forms, Judo is the simplest and most defense- oriented.|||I%26#039;ve been studying martial arts/self defense for 20 years. I%26#039;ve studied Kenpo, Kuk Sool Won, Hapkido and Jui Jitsu. Currently I%26#039;m taking Haganah (F.I.G.H.T) I truly believe this is the quickest , most effective form of self Defense. It%26#039;s no-non sense, right to the point. In the beginning you repeat around 18 common attacks until your muscle memory takes over. You complete the whole %26quot;Basic system%26quot; in 4 months. You can find out more on www.|||MMA is the best! However Aikido and Krav Maga are VERY good for defense on the streets! The other styles such as Jujitsu and Judo are excellent for grappling but they don%26#039;t teach you how to defend against multiple attackers. And if you are physically weak Judo and Jujitsu won%26#039;t do you any good against a much stronger individual.

Aikido teaches locks, throws, submissions and how to defend against a knife attack. PLUS it teaches how to defend against multiple attackers!

Krav Maga teaches similar stuff. However Krav Maga uses more offensive techniques. And teaches you how to survive in real-life scenarios much more then any other style. For the average person it is the best for self defense on the street. BUT Aikido teaches more advanced locks and throws.

How about do both!|||I don%26#039;t get why everyone is saying Judo. Judo is just jujitsu with the most dangerous stuff taken out of if so people can compete with each other without killing each other. Don%26#039;t get me wrong, I%26#039;m not really a jujitsu fan either, but come on, read ur MA history!

As far as things that are simple to learn and effective for self defense, just naming an art won%26#039;t suffice. I%26#039;ve seen Aikido, which is usually about as harmless as dancing, taught by people who use it in law enforcement, and seen it be extremely effective, and I%26#039;ve seen hard styles like karate taught in ways that range from no contact sparring to full contact. What u really need to do if those are your objectives is try out some classes and find a teacher that teaches effective self defense and teaches it simply. Wish I had something more helpful to tell u!|||Jiu Jitsu, IN six months you-ll be the best street fighter|||Yeah, probably Judo.|||well you could always play dead like a spider..hehe|||I recommend ju jitsu....that is what I take|||Tae-kwon-do!|||boxing

its cheap


and effective|||Judo|||karate and capoeira if u want to be cool and fast and do thing like salto hand stand and some much more things|||Judo...But Traditional Karate (not that ATA or places passing themselves off as Karate but are actually a korean martial art) and Aikido are good for self defence too...I learned alot of hip throws and stuff From Shotokan and Goju-Ryu

In fact these movements are in the kata%26#039;s! There hidden alot of times!|||The 100 Meter Dash. You cannot possibly expect to ever be fully competent at self-defense. There is no such thing. There are no winners in life-or-death fights, only survivors.|||Honestly for self defense: cross country.|||Traditional Isshinryu was taught, the full curriculum, (white belt to blackbelt) during a military person%26#039;s 10 month rotation through Okinawa, and funded by the US Marines through the late 50s into the 60s. It took me 3 years to learn the curriculum, though I%26#039;m sure I wasn%26#039;t training as intensely as Marines do. Tweeking of the style is then supposed to continue through your entire life. Karate is not something to do for a short time, but to improve your whole life... The Isshinryu curriculum is designed for this military-based format though, opposed to other traditional curriculums not set on a time limit, and often taking more time.|||this place is in forth worth and is fun but look on the website 2 see where 2 go i love this place

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