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Would Wing Chun be a good martial art for self defense?

Would Wing Chun be a good martial art for self defense?|||Wing Chun is a good %26#039;in-fighting%26#039; style for close quarters combat and in-your-face situations, such crowded bars, crowded rooms, or in any crowded situation.

Wing Chun is weak on kicks, I believe it has only two low kicks. But it is very upper body and hands oriented.

I personally like Wing Chun because most of the fights I have gotten into have been up close and personal.|||yes its a great self defence martial art.|||I started practicing Wing Chun when I was 15, I%26#039;m 48 now.

Wing Chun has never failed me over those years (not that I%26#039;ve had that many serious altercations). But, I do highly recommend it as a self defense.|||Wing Chun stresses all the most important aspects of self defense in my opinion. First of all, it teaches a very strong structure, modeling all of its stances and positioning after the most efficient shape known to mankind: the triangle.

It trains with effective techniques:

* Forms - the forms are very compact, including all hands, blocks, strikes, and movements necessary to remind onesself of - and that is the only practical use for forms anyway - to remind us of what we train.

* Drills - the 2-man drills create fluid motion and accurate timing, along with allowing students to practice the %26#039;eye of eagle and heart of stone%26#039; skill, in which focus for all movement is toward the center of the opponent%26#039;s body, the application for the %26#039;centerline principle%26#039;.

* Wing Chun Dummy - the arms and leg are purposefully a bit loose in their holes, to promote vibration when they are struck. If the correct types of wood are used (certain hardwoods, with a type of cherry being one of the favorites), the vibrations are at a frequency which stimulates the electromagnetic fields around the bones, causing them to grow thicker and stronger. It also serves to desensitize and toughen the skin in the areas striking, which creates a stronger fighter.

Arms are used primarily, which is good, because they are faster and less telegraphic than leg movements. However, arms and legs are trained for simoultaneous use, so if an opponent begins a leg battle, the Wing Chun practitioner is equally capable of meeting the leg challenge. High kicks are both dangerous and slow, and should be avoided unless you%26#039;re just trying to look impressive in a forms competition, and Wing Chun is down-to-earth enough to train in a practical way in the first place, using hands for upper area strikes and blocks, and feet for lower area movement, strikes, and blocks.

There are many other excellent reasons to train Wing Chun, including the fact that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and that is the secret to the incredible hand speed we build when we learn this awesome and well-developed system of in-fighting.

Most self-defense situations require in-fighting, as they occur up-close and personal when they do happen. If you don%26#039;t train Wing Chun then please at least find a good in-fighting system you find best for you.

GrandMaster David Moore

Co-Founder of Ming Wei Dao

Instructor of Wing Chun Basics|||David informed you pretty well, but I%26#039;ll also put in my two cents. Wing Chun is a very good fighting system but if you%26#039;re looking for a school, be sure to find an instructor you can trust, train, and bond with from beginning to end. The teacher teaching wing chun to you is extremely important.|||wing chun is like a gun if you really need to use it all it takes is one blast and their outta there. Its good for self defense because it ends fights before they really become fights. Its not like ju jit su or boxing where you really have to put in alotta effort into fighting once you know how to use it right. However Id say to be able to use it in fights takes longer and training will be much longer than say boxing or ju jitsu but in the long run you cant loose with Wing Chun kuen|||Absolutely. Wing Chun is not a martial sport and is based purely on self defence techniques. For pure self defense wing chun would be hard to beat.

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