Monday, November 16, 2009

Does Your Fighting Skills Matter When It Comes To A Self-Defense Case?

If you kill someone on grounds of self-defense, does the defendant%26#039;s skill in combat matter in the case. Are you treated the same if you are untrained or trained in combat fighting?|||I think that really varies based on what state you%26#039;re in, the jury you are in front of, etc... not so much fighting ability, but here in Cali, if you use a firearm in self defense and it kills the intruder/perpetrator, you have to be able to prove that you were able to determine that the threat posed was life threatening-furthermore, you have to determine that based on what a %26quot;rational%26quot; person would consider life threatening... basically, if you defend yourself and you cause great injury or even death against the person who attacks or threatens you, you better DAMN WELL have a GOOD attorney because in our backwards, idiotic day and age, YOU could go to prison and pay the family of the attacker, or the attacker himself, depending on what happens...

What a glorious time we%26#039;re in in. |||The trial defense of self-defense is open to every one accused of actions that result in bodily harm. Big or Small, isn%26#039;t so important as the comparison of the nature of the attack defended and the methods and duration of the defense. Old Texas lawyer story: man calls lawyer at night and says a guy tried to break in my house so I killed him. the lawyer asked where is his body right now? The caller answers, oh about 25 yards down the street from my front gate. The lawyer replies, go out and drag his body back on your property, then call the police.

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