Monday, November 16, 2009

Karate or any other forms of self defense?

Hey, flat out, i just wanna know how to control my anger more and be able to defend myself if anyone tries to hurt me. Is karate the MOST effective form, or do you think there are better forms of martial arts for self-defense fighting. And how would be a good way to get started with this, I dont have ANY past expirience? Thanks.|||I suggest Tae Kwon Do. Its fun and for all ages. It is VERY affective too.|||it sounds to me like you need a traditional martial art. okinawan karate, or chinese kung fu, or any traditional art would be great choices. because they will include meditation and othere things. but honestly, a good way to get rid of anger is to get yourself a heavy bag and kick the sh*t out of it :D me, anger and martial arts are not a good mix. so work on the anger first ok?

like was said, there is no %26quot;most effective%26quot; form of martial arts. some are sports, some are fighting, some strictly self defense (they%26#039;re not the same thing by a long shot) ...but they all serve a purpose. some teach differently, some practice differently, and some may take longer, or be quicker than others. but none are %26quot;the best%26quot; ..the best one, is the one you%26#039;ll stick with and enjoy.

1 look around, in the yellow pages, ask friends....find out what schools and styles are available in your area. how much the classes are, what their focus is (self defesne..or sport..or health) ...ask about the teachers background and history.

2 go down and visit all of the schools, they will almost positively give you at least one free class, to try it out. possibly more.

3 pick the one you like best, or the one with the best teacher, and that you can afford. (dont sign any contracts, pay monthly only, so you can switch if you end up not liking it)

4 stick with it, and train your **** off...and

5 practice, practice, and practice (the 3 secrets to success at anything)||||||There is NO BEST FORM of self defense as far as STYLES go. It%26#039;s all about the way you train and MANY others will tell you this.

The goal is to find an instructor who can teach you how to defend yourself realistically, quickly, and effectively. Your goal is to get home safe and unharmed, not how pretty you look when fighting or whether or not you are fighting in the exact same patterns as your instructor did. That is what you have to remember when looking for a martial arts school.

As far as anger controlling, most martial arts schools teach this anyway. Some might be more subtle than others, but it%26#039;s still there.|||I would suggest Taiji or some other martial art that includes some form of internal reflection (meditation.)

Maybe even combining a martial art AND yoga.

If there is a YMCA or a similar facility located near you, check them out and see if they offer classes. At the YMCA you might be able to take a martial arts class (probably karate, judo or tae kwon do) and a yoga class.

If the martial art works for you, you can either continue taking it at the Y or decide to pay more money and take it at a dojo.

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