Saturday, November 14, 2009

Self defense?

How many times do you have to get hit before you can call it self defense? Like in school if someone hits you and you fight back you both get suspended but i think if you get hit a certain number of times you don%26#039;t get in trouble because its self defense. Does anyone know how many times you have to get hit to call it self defense?

I%26#039;ve heard 3 and 7 but im not sure

Oh also I live in Maryland|||There is no limit.

Self defense is a legal justification and has no bearing on school rules.

You can be suspended for being involved in a fight, even if what you did was out of self defense.|||iF U GET iN A FiGHT AT SCHOOL AND THEY HiT U FiRST THATS SELF DEFENSE UNLESS U PERVOKED THE FiGHT! BUT U CAN REALLY ONLY USE SELF DEFENSE WHEN LiKE U GET ROBBED OR A MAN HiTS ON U THEN U WiLL OR CAN HiT THEM BACK CUZ iT WiLL BE SELF DEFENSE!!!|||I don%26#039;t know about in a school, you typically have to prove in court that you actions were self defence. Also You typically have to prove that you were in fear of your life. But if someone attacks you, you should be O.K if you can justify your actions as self defence.|||OK, you can only use the self-defense defense when it%26#039;s a reasonable amount. For instance, if someone robs you and runs off with your TV, you cannot shoot them. But you can run after them and grab their leg to slow them down. So basically, retaliation is not self-defense. If someone hits you, you can%26#039;t just hit them back. You have to block yourself, or knock them to the ground. There is no set amount of times they have to hit you before you can do it back, it just has to be a reasonable defense.|||if you fear for your safety you do not need to be hit at all to claim self defense

Schools are a little different but in the eyes of the law there is no set number.|||The definition of self-defense is simple... DEFENDING YOURSELF! If someone tries to hit you or does actually hit you, you can defend yourself! if they touch you in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can do what ever it takes to make them stop. (by using the least amount of force possible, so if they punch you, you cant hit them with a chair, you can punch back or something to a lesser degree.) If you are in a school situation, you are expected to run away from the person no matter what is happening. Unfortunately very rarely will a principal only suspend one person if you both have punched each other regardless of who starts it. I would suggest telling the principal and parents and teachers every time the person does something to you and than if they continue, DEFEND YOURSELF! by than you have already tried to be the bigger person, and it did not work.

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