Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can someone give me 10 researchable questions for self defense?

ex.How can knowing self defense help you from being attack?|||Bujinkan Ninja FAILS again!!! Dear Lord kid...

Actually any REAL Martial Art, or self defense system can help you from being attacked. A large part of REAL self defense systems help you to learn to recognized behaviors, environments and warning signs, and in many ways help prepare you in a way that you are less likely to be attacked, and help lower your overall risk for being a victim.

1. What is the most common violent crime in America (or your country) statistic wise?

2. What percentage of attacks come from random unknown parties?

3. What are some keys to preventing possible attacks or self defense scenarios?

4. What is the most common flawed methodology involving self defense?

5. Is there a difference in self defense approaches/crime prevention for women? If so why?

6. When under the threat of an assailant with a gun or a weapon, what is the one thing you should never do?

7. Explain the correlation between crime rates and the introduction of conceal and carry licenses? What is the general trend when conceal and carry licenses get introduced to a state?

8. Statistically speaking which is more likely? A. You will get bitten by a shark. B: You will be in an unavoidable self defense situation in which you must fight for your life.

9. What are some common themes in self defense that help you avoiding being attacked?

10. Explain the need for a seperate Women%26#039;s self defense curriculum, and what possible differences it would have versus a normal self defense course?

How is that for ya? I actually hope you get a chance to research them yourself to find the answers to them.|||A well-trained martial artist with street fighting experience can:

1. Size up his opponent (or opponents).

2. Quickly size up a situation.

3. Is not afraid to walk away from a fight.

4. Is psychologically and emotionally mature enough to recognize and %26#039;defuse%26#039; a tense situation.

5. Possess a graduated level of self-defense skill to be able to use an equal amount of defense to the level of attack received. In other words, you don%26#039;t eye-jab someone who puts their hand on your shoulder.

6. The well trained martial artist possess a manner that conveys confidence and ability to a would be attacker (i.e. I don%26#039;t think I should mess with this guy).

7. Doesn%26#039;t brag about his martial arts abilities or belts or wins, etc.

8. By actually protecting yourself in a vigorous assault, follows through and defeats his assailant, and proves that the Martial Artist can, in fact, defend himself. This is showing a example of what you can actually do in a righteous self-defense situation.

9. The true martial artist can persuade by his own examples.

10. The true martial artist, by virtue of years of quality and tough training, demonstrates a higher intelligence and superior moral character and outlook on life, that intimidates a potential assailant or bully.|||What specific types of training actually help in a fight?

What is the goal of self defense?

What is the difference between self defense and fighting/brawling?

(and there is a difference, anyone who disagrees is free to email me about it from my profile)

When do I know that I am physically prepared/conditioned for a fight?

How often and how long should I train in my chosen MA style if my goal is self defense?

What type of self defense scenarios or situations should I expect or train for?

Is learning one MA fully or learning parts of several MAs better for the purpose of self defense?

What recorded/documented instances are out there about successful uses of self defense?

What are the legal issues surrounding self defense?

What kind of advice to %26quot;career%26quot; self defence users suggest? (like bouncers, bodyguards, police officers, military, etc.)

Well there you go, ten question you can take to the info bank.

Happy Training!|||Sorry i am not going to do your homework for you. I will however say that %26quot;The gift of fear%26quot; by Gavin DeBecker is an excellent resource.

ninja boy- A huge part of martial arts and self defense training is learning to be aware and what to look for. thus my reference to Gavin DeBeckers book. Not to mention that the confidence and just the way you learn to move can many times deter someone from attacking you. I guess you are too busy learning all of that deadly stuff though to really know much else.|||Just look no further than Yahoo Answers man there%26#039;s at least 10 searchable questions about self-defense right here in%26quot;martial arts%26quot; questions like

1. %26quot;How do I win in a street fight?%26quot;

2. %26quot;What%26#039;s the Best Martial Art in the world?%26quot;

3. %26quot;Can I train at home?%26quot;

4. %26quot;Where to buy a cheap Gi?%26quot;

5. %26quot;Who would win in a fight between blah MMA guy versus Blah MMA guy?%26quot;

6. %26quot;Sword fighting/Care?%26quot;

7. %26quot;Where to start ... I want to fight in MMA?%26quot;

8. %26quot;School kids picking on me how do I defend my self?%26quot;

9. %26quot;Can you list all the martial arts in the world?%26quot;

10. %26quot;Where can I find a good MMA gym?%26quot;

all these questions have just the answers you%26#039;re looking for dude. Look no further than Yahoo Answers %26quot;Martial Arts%26quot;!!!! woo hoo!!!|||No martial art or self defense system will help you from being attacked. It will only help you when you ARE attacked. Some martial arts that are watered down for sport are mediocre for self defense while combat martial arts may be a little too good. Try learning something in between.|||I can only LOL!!!

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