Thursday, November 12, 2009

What is the best self defense out there?

Is capoeira is a good self defense art and if it is explain how.|||nijitsu - nija karatae is the best...unstopable|||Superior fire power.|||judo

Judon%26#039;t know i got a gun

Judon%26#039;t know i got a knife|||Okay, keep in mind that self defense is different that fighting. Traditional martial arts were developed with the idea of use in combat, in warfare and in a society where the culture and technology is not what it is today. Many, (but not all) modern martial arts are developed as a sport, with uniforms, safety gear and a ring.

Don%26#039;t get me wrong, a good martial artist can normally take care of him or herself in a street situation. But you have to have a very high level of dedication and commitment and years of training to use it effectively. There is nothing wrong with that and lot good things there, but it is not self defense.

Self defense starts out very simple. Awareness and avoidance. You need to become observant of your surroundings at all times, it must become a habit. You should always be looking for the “out” if something looks threatening to you. Next you have to learn to put your ego aside. If a place has known threats, simply don’t go there if you can avoid it. This is especially difficult for young men to do. But if self defense is your real goal, and not being macho, then embrace this philosophy.

There is a great deal more to self defense. I would estimate that 80% to 85% of effective self defense is simply not allowing yourself to be in a position to become a victim. However the other 15% to 20%, is the physical part and that will take up the vast bulk of your energy and training time. Self defense techniques are simple, brutal and effective. There is nothing flashy, nothing fancy. The honestly don’t take all that long to learn the technique, but learning the concept behind them and learning to apply them is a different story all together.

Good luck!|||no if its a girl, givin a titt twister.

if its a guy give him a kick to the nuts, or nut twister.

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