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Which is the best Pistol for self defense ?

I%26#039;ve been reading reviews and search goes on and on.... I would be buying my first pistol so let me know which is the best for self defense ? I am looking for a reliable, nice looking and not too heavy gun and most importantly %26quot;i would be carrying it every day%26quot; easy to carry and conceal ?

I liked Beretta 92FS but not sure that it%26#039;s the right deal for me, please let me know ?|||The Beretta 92FS is a great gun, but it%26#039;s a full size not meant for carrying concealed. If you like the Beretta%26#039;s have a look at a Centurion. You%26#039;re going to get a lot of speculation here from others, the key to defensive shooting is shot placement. You might have a 44magnum and not be able to hit a pie plate at 7 yards, or you could have a 22 derringer and drill the same hole 3 times in a row. MINIMUM defensive caliber in my opinion is .380auto, and that%26#039;s probably too little for reliable defensive shooting scenarios. 9mm,40sw,45acp,38spl,357mag,45 Long Colt, 44 mag are all great choices for reliable defensive shooting. Just keep in mind this one important point.

A pistol is only as accurate as the person pulling the trigger.

PRACTICE often, take a class or 2, join a gun club, get pointers from experienced shooters there, develope a good technique and stick with it.|||I had a 92FS 9mm and it was a bit too big for everyday concealment, unless theres a micro version of it which Im sure there is.. Im a Glock guy now and the Glock 27 Micro .40 would be a great gun for you. I had one but sold it to my sis to protect her from her idiot ex-husband. You can put this gun in your palm and almost wrap your fingers around it its so small, yet powerful. Move to a .40 pistol, much more stopping power and just as accurate and fast as a 9mm. I believe it holds 7 or 8 in the clip but you can put a +1 or + 2 clip extension on it. I love my Glock 22, perfect size and for me its small enough to conceal OK, I always buy +4 clip extensions for all my 15 round mags. 19 bullets is always better than 15, if your not a expert shot a bigger clip always makes sense. Heres a link if you go Glock, it has the accessories you will need.|||Check out the Colt Combat Commander in 45 acp.*|||Nothing wrong with the Beretta 92 series of pistols. If that%26#039;s what you like, go for. Ammo selection is actually more important in the nines. The 115 to 127 grain hollow points work best for defensive purposes in a nine.

Good luck.

H|||Look at the Springfield Armory XD .45ACP Compact. It comes with one 13 round mag with extension boot to make it a full size service pistol and one 10 round mag without the boot to shorten it up for conceal carry (CC). I like the XD better than the Glock because of the grip safety and the striker indicator letting you know the gun is ready to fire and the load indicator that shows you have a round in the chamber. The XD is a little heavier which reduces the recoil. The XD is in my opinion a more natural pointing handgun. The grip also fits better in my hand. I own a 4%26quot; 9mm and the 5%26quot; .45ACP. I like the looks of the XD better too. And they offer bi-tone slides and frame. Both Glock and the XD are very reliable, well made, and great firearms for in home defense, conceal carry (both offer sub-compact handguns) and range and sport shooting.

I would also suggest you look at Kahr Arms. They have firearms just right for conceal carry and they are very reliable.

The 92fs is a great gun, but a little big for full-time CC wear.|||Well the hand gun you can easily shoot and is best suited for your enviroment.|||Go to the gun shop and see what feel good in your hands, then you can choose a suitable caliber. I like the full size Glock model 22 in .40 S%26amp;W caliber.|||Most defensive handgun experts would recommend, make your first handgun a revolver.The snub nose 38 special has a documented track record with police and civilians.Check-out this sight to make an informed decision.|||I must say, In your situation the Glock 27, in .40S%26amp;W. It gives a bit more recoil than a 9mm but not as much as the .45 caliber pistols.

It has more stopping power than the 9mm, its not going to go through a perpatrator and hit an innocent person or something. Its a good round.

And as for Glock, Glock = Lightweight, reliable, durable.

For a review on the Glock 27 the link is below.

P.S. Not short of beautiful either. ;)

Good luck on your search.|||I like Glocks a lot I have a Glock 21 but it is just a little too big so I think here with in the next month or so I am gonna get a Glock 30 wich is a compact version of the 21.My father has a Glock 26 and 33 and he carries atleast one of them everyday and he doesnt have any complaints about them.|||One that you like and are comfortable with, so you don%26#039;t dread strapping it on and carrying it.

Rule #1 in a gunfight: Have a gun.|||Sim,

If this is your first handgun, you need to learn handgun basics, and to do that, you need at least one .22 LR handgun.

I generally suggest people start with a good .22 LR revolver such as an S%26amp;W M-617, Taurus M-96, or a Ruger Single-Six, then graduate to a semi-automatic pistol, such as a Ruger Target MKII, also in .22 LR. And from the .22 auto pistol, they could decide between advancing to centerfire revolvers or automatics.

If you are not a confirmed gun crank, I believe you will do well to avoid semi-automatic pistols. The operation is more complicated, and cleaning and maintainance is much crucial than with a revolver.

Another disadvantage for semi-automatics is the need for full-power ammo at all times. Since they operate on recoil, semi-automatic pistols require full-power ammunition to function properly. Revolvers on the other hand can use any ammunition, of proper caliber, that will push the bullet out of the barrel.

If you insist on starting with a centerfire defensive handgun, and IF you are not willing to dedicate yourself to some serious training, I strongly urge you to go with a revolver. For best buys, look for use Smith %26amp; Wesson .357 Magnum service revolvers, such as the M-19, M-66, or M-686 with 2 1/2%26quot; or 4%26quot; barrels, or a 3%26quot; M-60, or even a Model 10 in .38 SPL.

Practice with .38 SPL Mid-Range Target Wadcutters until you are familiar with the gun, then go up to standard .38 loads until you master them, and finally to full power .357 Magnum loads.

Doc|||If you are looking for a self-defense pistol then why do looks count at all?The thing has to work and be relatively simple. You are at a great advantage over those of us who really like handguns and do look at other factors. Don%26#039;t get all crazy and buy something based on looks or someone else%26#039;s fixation. Go to a shop and they will help you . Just let them know that yourt choice is mainly for self-defense and you don%26#039;t want to pay an outrageous price or buy a current fad.|||generally a double action revolver with concealed spur would be the best concealed carry handgun, because it is simple to use. when you pull the trigger, it will go bang. no need to rack the slide to chamber a round, and no need to carry it with a round chambered and ready to go. the double action means that when the trigger is pulled, it pulls back the hammer and releases it.|||The best one is the one you train with regularly. That being said, since this is your first pistol, I would keep it simple. I would look at the Glock 26, 27, or 36. Or, if you prefer revolvers then take a look at the Ruger Sp101 or some of the Taurus small framed revolvers. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to operate. If you want to spend some money, you might consider the H%26amp;K P2000SK. Finally, if you find that the double stacked mag semi-autos are too chunky or bulky consider the Kahr K9 or K40 (stainless steel models), they are single stacked and therefore thinner and often easier to conceal, but they are little pricey (in my opinion; also stay away from polymer Kahrs---they need a break-in period---Glocks are a better polymer handgun anyway).

Good luck with your search.|||With most cop shops selling off their Itralian %26#039;krunchentickers%26#039;, and the U.S. military getting ready to scrap the M-9 for something better(FINALLY), I wouldn%26#039;t recommend Beretta to ANYone , for ANYthing, unless one wants to pick up a used one CHEAP!

For a novice, this is one of the LEAST preferable choices!

As you sound like a novice choosing your first pistol, consider a medium frame revolver. Less complicated and safer than an auto-loader, until one gains more experience. A .357 Mag. would be best choice, if you can shoot one accurately.|||OK ill put my two cent,s in S%26amp;W mod 49\ or 649 in 38 cal smalll simple and work \24\7 \my only outher sujustion if you going too carriey and need something reliable is a makarov 9x18 becuse it is a miatary fire arm you can beat too death and it willl still work just stay clear of the polish and chinese makarov,s and you will have a good best if you can find em are made in east germany or soviet union or bulguaria \ as for s%26amp;w usa made \ but make shure you use holllow point,s|||This is a tricky question, as all gun owners and shooters have their favorites and opinions vary. One truth is that no single pistol is the best for everyone (or only one would be manufactured) The way a pistol fits your hand is important, and hands vary widely. The best way to decide is to try a few pistols out before purchasing one. Do this by going to a range which rents guns and trying a few out, or going shooting with a friend who owns a few pistols.

Your inquiry has a few problems in that the best pistol for shooting is not always the best for carrying. A Beretta 92 is a fine pistol which shoots well, but you would probably discover that it is too large and heavy for daily carrying. I live in Texas, which involves a fair amount of sweating in the summer months, and sweat is very corrosive. Since a carry gun is necessarily carried close to the body, getting sweat on it is inevitable.

I tried three different carry pistols before settling on a Glock. I chose the Glock for a few reasons: the polymer frame (which is subjected to the most sweat) will NEVER, EVER rust; the finish applied to the steel parts is also very highly resistant to corrosion; the smooth exterior which eliminates snagging on clothing when unholstering; there are many aftermarket parts and accessories for Glock pistols should one want to change something; they are not heavy (again due to the polymer frame); the compact versions (mine is a model 19) are good for concealment while being large enough to hold properly for target practice (I am a large man with somewhat large hands); and the consistent trigger pull (many autopistols have a very heavy, double action trigger pull for the first round and a light single action pull for subsequent rounds-Glocks have the same trigger pull every time).

It is probably obvious that I am very fond of Glocks, and I do recommend them often, but there are other quality pistols. Sig makes excellent pistols which are more refined and much prettier than Glocks,(since you mentioned appearance). However Sig pistols are at the upper end of the price range. Well optioned ones exceed $1000 new, and even the more common ones are in the neighborhood of $800-in contrast, my local gun store sells new Glocks in most configurations for $488. To the dismay (and perhaps disagreement) of many fans of the Sig pistol, I have not found them to be better than Glocks, apart from the trigger pull being slightly smoother-(but only for the single action pulls).

Buy a quality pistol, from a reputable manufacturer; Sig Sauer, Glock, Beretta, and Heckler and Koch are good , though there are others. The only buget brand I would recommend is Taurus, as I personally have owned several of their pistols and find them to be surprisingly reliable and well made in spite of the low price.

More important, if you are going to carry, is to train and practice. Not just the course required for a license, but another which teaches safety and tactical use.|||yeah its called u dont need a pistol for self defense, a nice fake one will do just fine how is anyone going to know its reel unless ju shoot it would stop if someone pointed a gun at u even if u didnt know if it was real or not

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