Thursday, November 12, 2009

How do you flip someone over or more easy self defense techniques that aren't too dangerous?

I don%26#039;t want to go out and take a long course of Karate or whatever just for a few things and there is nowhere that teaches self defense around here.

Just incase I ever got in a fight, what are some techniques that wouldn%26#039;t hurt someone too badly but would kind of knock them over? Like flipping someone?

Nothing too complicated or hard to learn?|||Hey! Go to this link! Another yahoo-ian asked this question and got a great answer!|||Flips and enemy manipulation techniques are all complex if you%26#039;re inexperienced, and none of them can be taught over the internet through text. Sorry.

If you wanna learn it, go take martial arts classes - Hapkido has a lot of manipulations and throws. Even if you can%26#039;t find a teacher, watch and learn from those who know, and work on it yourself. All of it takes hard work and dedication, but it can be learned without a teacher. It just requires three times the work, and takes considerably longer. If you%26#039;re okay with that, get to work. ;)

If you%26#039;re lookin for some instant gratification to make you feel like a hardass, forget it. You%26#039;ll get humiliated at a dojo, and you%26#039;re not gonna learn anything anyway - there%26#039;s no such thing as instant progress in any type of fighting art - not even that UFC junk that everyone%26#039;s so keen on doing these days.|||Flipping/Throwing someone is not going to be simple and uncomplicated to learn, especially for a girl (No offense...I%26#039;m a girl too, and 9 times out of 10, we will be beaten in terms of brute strength if that%26#039;s all that%26#039;s involved in the process). In fact, I can%26#039;t think of many martial arts techniques that can be simply learned at the drop of a hat. They will all take a certain degree of dedication and desire to learn. Why not investigate some martial arts schools in your area that have private lessons? Perhaps you could talk to an instructor and tell them just what you%26#039;re looking for.|||have you ever thought about taking an in home course from a world class instructor? learn at your own pace, practice with a friend or alone when you want to. has 20 to choose from. and are both very good|||Well actually it is.. so no go take judo. Karate has nothing of the sort.|||put you right arm nderneath their shoulder and your left arm on top of the other shoulder

then get half of your body behind them and push down with your right arm like your tripping them|||Try researching a judo throw. It could come in handy if someone is attacking from behind.

Just try researching Judo.|||grab his arm from the whens hes behind u over ur shoulder. bend down and pull :D

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