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Looking for a gun for self defense 9mm or smaller?

I am looking for a gun for self defense 9mm or smaller preferably heavy but not too heavy with a very light recoil. Any ideas? Please be specific with the make and model.|||I would not go any smaller than 9mm. You could look at the Taurus 24/7 or Millennium Pro Series, Springfield Armory XD, Ruger SR9, Beretta Px4 Storm.|||Lady Smith Pistol. I am a girl (20 years) I love it. Shoots well and accurate. Don%26#039;t worry, I haven%26#039;t been killing anyone lol.|||Looks to me like you have three viable options:

1. A Glock Model 19 (or the subcompact 26) loaded with subsonic ammo (which I personally don%26#039;t like but if recoil is an issue to you then consider this. Maybe after you learn to deal with recoil you can load the excellent 115 to 127 grain defensive 9mm ammo rather than the mild recoiling 147 grain subsonic).

2. Again, if recoil is an issue forget the Walter PPKs or the Sig 230 or 232; these have too much snap and have been known to bruise smaller hands. Instead consider a .380 acp in either the Beretta 84 or Browning BDA. This is a better choice on two counts; it has a wider grip and is heavier so it cushions the recoil; and it is high ammo capacity of up to 13 plus 1 in the chamber.

3. A Beretta Model 3032 Tomcat in .32 acp. This is actually below the minimum defensive caliber but as has already been said loaded with the 60 grain hollow point ammo this one comes close to, or equal to the regular .380 acp. At least on paper Fiocchi ammo has the best ballistics but any quality defensive ammo will do. My Tomcat likes the Winchester Silvertip ammo.

Good luck and congratulations on making the decision to assume responsibilty for your own protection.

H|||I also have a pair of Makarovs. I have about a half-dozen various other pistols and that%26#039;s the only one I actually wanted to have two of. They%26#039;re fairly cheap, reliable, and sturdy. The 9x18MM round is less powerful than the more familiar 9x19MM parabellum round but it%26#039;s adequate for its intended purpose.|||Try the Kahr K-9 although you may want to consider a better caliber such as the 40 S%26amp;W or 357 revolver. The 9mm is pretty weak.|||The Bersa .380 Thunder is one of the best unnoticed bargains in the handgun market. The gun is super reliable, well made, and is priced at about $249. It has about a 6 pound trigger pull in double action, and anout 4 in the single action mode. The comparable Walters PPK/s cost about $600, and the trigger pull is no wheres close to that of this Bersa.|||Try the CZ-75. It%26#039;s a good gun that%26#039;s all steel. The weight does a good job of absorbing recoil. You can shoot DA/SA or SA if you prefer. The slide is fitted to the inside of the frame rails, promoting accuracy.

The .380 is a less powerfull cartridge, but a lot of guns chambered in .380 use a blowback design like the PPK. Blowback guns have a fixed barrel, compared to tilting or linked barrels. The effect on recoil is that a tilting or linked barrel will absorb more recoil. So although the .380 is a weaker cartridge, the felt recoil is more %26quot;snappy%26quot; than most guns designed for the 9mm. At least that%26#039;s my experience.

Don%26#039;t get me wrong. The PPK and is a fine gun. But if you are recoil sensitive, then you should definitely try it out first, along with other guns.|||I hate to tell you this but very light recoil in a handgun translates into very little stopping power. If I were you, the only kind of hand gun I would consider carrying would be a revolver. It has practically no way to jam. Semi-autos do have this problem particularly for people who have weak wrists. I would also not choose a revolver of a smaller caliber than a .38 Special. Smith And Wesson makes a very concealable gun chambered in .38 special that is called The Lady Smith. It is a small frame gun that is easy to conceal. They also make a littel bit larger revolver called the Detective Special. They are both good guns and will not jam on you and have the necessary stopping power that you will need if you are ever in a siuation where deadly force is necessary to protect yourself or that of a loved one.|||I wouldn%26#039;t go any smaller than a 9 mm. If you are worried about recoil then just remember that the polymer guns are going to be lighter than an all steel gun. Another option is a revolver. .38 specials shot out of a full size .357 are very comfortable to shoot. I have a Ruger GP100 and got some 38%26#039;s for it for my son start out with. I was surprised at how light the recoil was. This way you also have the option of shooting full power .357 loads later on if you so choose.|||I%26#039;d guess you%26#039;ve got little or no firearms background. Based on that assumption I%26#039;d recommend a %26quot;J%26quot; frame Smith and Wesson .38 Special with factory installed laser grips.

This gun is a five shot revolver with a laser that turns on when you grip it. The red dot from the laser shows were the bullet is about to go. It can also throw up a warning flag to the bad guy and make them decide to back off.

The advantage of a revolver is that it is very reliable. It is also more forgiving of poor maintenance than a semi-automatic. It is easier to %26quot;learn%26quot; a revolver than a semi-automatic. In the unlikely event of a misfire, you simply stroke the trigger again to fire the next cartridge. The %26quot;J%26quot; frame is a very small handgun and is easily concealed. This is not a good gun for a protracted gun fight, but for personal defense it is great.

The .38 Special is a good defensive round, adequate for almost every self defense situation you encounter. Ammo is fairly cheap, so you can afford to practice.

If you plan to keep the gun in a desk drawer or a night stand, move up to a %26quot;K%26quot; Frame smith and Wesson with a 4%26quot; barrel. This will be a six shot revolver. The larger size will help reduce recoil and you%26#039;ll have an extra round.|||look at this web site, the guns are not the best thing to look at and they may not be the most accurate, but they are great as far as price goes, my cousin has one that he got about a month ago and i shot a box of fifty with no jamming and little to no recoil.|||.45 blah blah internet gun dorks talk about how anything smaller than a canon wont work, but i tell you what a well placed nine round would drop me quick. look at something in a .38 like a lady smith and dont think you need a mortor to protect yourself.|||.45acp|||Bersa .380|||I have a Berretta Tomcat,its only 32 caliber but loaded with 60 grain hollow points it has the same stopping power as the 380.Its easy to carry and easy to shoot|||Heckler %26amp; Koch, USP Compact chambered for 9mm.;_K...

SIG P232 chambered in .380ACP

SIG P239 chambered in 9mm

CZ 75 chambered in 9mm

Kahr 9 - CW chambered in 9mm

There%26#039;s plenty of choices available in 9mm pistols. There are many other%26#039;s I%26#039;ve not listed here. It%26#039;s up to you.

Your mileage may vary. :-)|||Smith and Wesson model 686 4 inch .357 magnum revolver...

You can shoot light recoiling .38 special rounds out of it and the more powerful .357 as well .|||raven 25 auto. small durable cheap. glock modeled alot their guns off of it|||Remember, the heavier the gun, the lighter the recoil.

I would recommend you look at 9mm too, at least first.

Some pistols to check out

-Kahr K9 in all stainless steel

-Smith and Wesson 1319 ladysmith

-Smith and Wesson 908

-Sig 238

-Sig 225

If you think these are going to have too much kick, I would suggest the Beretta 85 or Beretta 87 Cheetah|||Bersa thunder .380, cheaper then the walther ppk|||Walther PPK .380 Auto.|||From a girl%26#039;s point of view...a .38 Special Revolver would be best for self-defense, especially, because if you have a misfire you can just keep pulling the trigger. If you have a misfire with a semi-auto, you would take too much critical time to clear the round and get the gun back in battery. Also, the .38 has a light recoil.|||another vote for Makarov

cartridge is in between 9mm and .380

military gun so it is sturdy, simple, and dependable

made of steel so fairly heavy but also not that big so not too heavy


ammo can be a little tough to find - can order from

seems I%26#039;ve heard that some ladies have trouble operating slide (my daughter did)

they are great little guns and I really like mine

check out|||Walther P99 9mm|||Not surprising, almost everyone is suggesting the high dollar guns.

I own two Kel-Tecs. A .40, which they quit making due to recoil, and a 9mm. I own the P-11, small, easy to carry. They are made in FL and have a life time warranty. The .40 had a feed ramp problem, but I polished it out and have had no further trouble. The p-11 has operated flawlessly for over 900 rounds. You can get the p-11 for around $250 - $ 260.|||I just bought another Makarov 9mm. I already own an East German made one. This is one of the Bulgarian ones. They are almost indistinguishable to me although the German one is supposed to be better quality. I shot about forty rounds through my newest one and it is spot on accurate and never failed to feed and fire. Out of all my semi-auto handguns the Makarov%26#039;s are the most dependable and accurate. I only paid $105 out the door used in excellent condition. I may quit carrying my .45 which ways as much as both of them put together and just start carrying them, one on each side. The only drawback that I can see is that with %26quot;hot%26quot; loads they do have a sharp recoil. I just bought some Wolf brand ammo and it is the hottest that I have ever shot. I thought the little pistol was going to jump right out of my hand.

Additional info: I have owned the German one for about fifteen years and have used Hornady and CCI hollow point ammo in it with flawless results. I personally prefer the CCI for the actual bullet, the light weight aluminum case and price.

These little guns are the only semi%26#039;s I own that I would actually trust 99.9% to perform when the chips are down. They are just an excellent design and the frame mounted barrel makes them highly accurate.|||Glocks are either love %26#039;em or hate %26#039;em, but the model 19(compact) or model 17(fullsize) are popular self-defense guns. They%26#039;re polymer framed, so they%26#039;re not very heavy, but they manage recoil pretty well. Both are known for reliability and it%26#039;s easy to find accessories(holsters, magazines, etc.) for them.|||Forget about it.* Nothing less than a 357 Magnum will do for self-defense purposes.* It is a no nonsense man stopper.*|||Phoenix Arms .22 cal semi auto.

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