Thursday, November 12, 2009

How useful is pentjak silat in self defense? Are there any credible schools teaching it in Singapore?

Or any other martial art that is good in self defense?|||Silat or Pentjak (Pencak) Silat is a generic term of the art, like Kung Fu for example, where u can find a lot of variations from different schools. Silat is a very effective combat art sometimes combined with a unique %26#039;tari%26#039; (like %26#039;dance%26#039; in a capoiera). U can also learn weapons like Parang, Keris, Kerambit, etc. Silat has a wide variation of styles, theres a Silat Cekak where the movements are like Aikido, but the most popular ones like Gayong for example, has strikes, locks, etc. Im not sure about Silat school in Singapore, but in Malaysia, u can find many Silat schools, and usually Silat is trained in the village areas, in a traditional way.

Silat is useful, and theres no definite answer of which art is the best, its up to what you want and what you like, and find a right school. As for myself, im a Pesilat and Aikidoka.

Good luck.|||carry a concealed knife lol... much better|||Superb hardcore fighting art.

Just watch for the magick that some use......................|||I do not know whether there are any pencak silat school in singapore, but as far as i know, I think it is not very useful nor practical.|||It%26#039;s very practical. And very Effective it is destructive and force ful any one that says it is not practical has not fought some one that is a master at it. I have fought many diverse and wide range of martial artists and if harnessed it is as effective as Muay Thai kick boxing. Pentjak silat is a boxing for because you use a structured amount of moves. good luck in finding a school

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