Thursday, November 12, 2009

What is the law if you hit a minor who hits you first?would they call that self defense?

Lets say a minor starts a fight and they swing at you first so you fight back would they call that self defense? or would you still go to jail for doing so?Even if your not the one who started it?|||There is an Urban Legend that an adult cannot hit a minor. No. It depends on the circumstances and if, in a situation, the minor starts the fight, you can defend yourself. However, that being said, if the minor is 4 years old, no, you can%26#039;t. Once puberty is reached, I think you have a normal right.|||If you are authorized to used self defense, age does not matter. However, common sense and reason do.

Self defense is established by state law, and will vary. However, being hit does not automatically give you the right to hit back. Many states have a %26quot;duty to retreat%26quot; clause, meaning you must walk away if practical.

In all states, self defense is an %26quot;affirmative defense%26quot;. This means it is up to you to prove you had the right to use it. There is also an equal force clause, saying you can only counter with an equal, and reasonable, amount of force.|||if ANYONE is capable of assaulting you i feel you should have the right to defend yourself hopefully with minimum force but hey its a survival move it happens natrually in most cases men or women or minors . its life im afraid.|||A tricky one. You would have to be very careful about the fighting back part..if you %26#039;beat the snot%26#039; out of him..your in trouble, if you just subdue him,( put him in a subbmision hold) you are in a much better situation.|||Your only allowed to use a reasonable amount of force to defend yourself. If someone hits you and you beat the crap out of them you will get arrested for assault.|||It isn%26#039;t self defense if the minor is, say, four years old.

If they are in their late teens then I don%26#039;t think you%26#039;d get in trouble for it.|||This under most cases will fall under self-defense, granted that you don%26#039;t rip the minor to pieces. You only need to act with enough force to end your imminent danger.|||Well if he started it... then yes, i would think thats Self-Defense.|||lol - if my kid ever hit me i%26#039;d throw him through the friggin%26#039; wall


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  2. What if a kid comes at you with a knife and you slap him and theres a mark

  3. What if they are like 16/17 and you are 18

  4. What is it when a minor threatens your life and trys to run you over?