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What are some good self defense techniques for me to learn?

My entire life I have lived in a small town, surrounded by family. In the summer, though, I%26#039;ll be moving to a rather large city (Rome, Italy)...and I%26#039;ll be by myself for a while. I%26#039;ll use my common sense, but things still, what are some self defense moves I could learn? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Oh, and I didn%26#039;t know what category to put it in...but I am female, and I guess the question is pertaining to my health and well, women%26#039;s health it is. lol|||Let me start by saying that self defense does not necessarly have the same goals as martial arts. Self defense is about surviving, hopefully unhamred after a violent encounter. The goal is not really to fight, or to beat up the other person but rather to escape to safety. While I certainly encourage you to start with a martial arts class, understand that many martial arts have the goal of teaching you to fight or to compete. I%26#039;ve trained in several martail arts school and not a one of them ever talk or trained students in awareness or avoidance which are very key components to staying safe.

Learn how to avoid dangerous places, dangers people and risky behaviour. Keep your head up and don%26#039;t get overly involved on cell phone calls. Do not look lost or like you are uncertain, even when you are. If you don%26#039;t look like prey, it greatly reduces the chance that you will become prey.

Self defense needs to be simple, efficient and brutal. Nothing fancy. And you cannot approach it was a timid mindset. You have to committ to a course of action and committe 110%. You will most likey be confronted by someone who is larger and stronger than you. Aggressors seldom attack someone unless they are pretty certain they can win. So you cannot use half way measures.

Primary targets are soft tissue. The eyes, the throat, the solar plexis and the groin are good examples. Don%26#039;t strike at the head with your fist. It is very easy to break a bone in your hand or sprain your wrist when striking, this is especailly true if you have not trained for that type of impact.

You and you alone are responsible for your safety. Take it seriously and understand that there is a lot to learn. I don%26#039;t think anyone learns it all. Most of it is mental and deal with your behaviour in order to avoid conflict. The physcial part requires learning techniques which is really pretty easy, and learning how to apply them which is a whole lot harder. They are pershable skills and require regular practice even after you feel you have mastered them.

A martial arts class will help you get used to making the needed striking motions as well as get you used to forceful physcial contact. A good instructor will also help you get your head around the idea of hurting another human being. This is very difficult for some people when the rubber meets the road and many women will attemtp to use a technique to hurt someone %26quot;just a little bit%26quot; and the results are no normally good.

So yes, join a martial arts school or club. But keep your focus on self defense, unless you decide to get into competitive sparring which if fine if that is what you are looking for. Just dont%26#039; confuse a martial art with the emphasis on sparring with real world self defense.

Good luck to you!

(Once again spell checking is not working. I guess they will get it fixed soon.)|||Any type of self defense course will give you the basics that you need to know. I firmly belive that it should be mandatory for all girls to learn in school. Maybe we would not have so many problems with women gatting attacked. Whatever you do don%26#039;t go and buy a gun this will only get you killed unless you are very well trained in how to use it. You would be better off with the self defence classes and there are many classes available just for women. They also teach you more than just how to defend yourself.|||Kick boxing,|||first the key it to not make yourself a victim to violent crime. don%26#039;t walk down dark and unfamiliar streets at night. travel with another, keep a small set of keys in your hand which could be used as a weapon to gouge the eyes of an attacker.

depending on your size this may or may not be an issue. rappest target small petite women (5%26#039;0-5%26#039;3) that are easy to control and that most likely will lack the physical strength to fight back.

it%26#039;s very hard to teach self-defense techniques on the Internet. but the throat and the groin are the 2 main areas to strike.|||Knees, nuts, nose|||karate, and when a men comes attacking, kick them where it hurts the most|||aikido



any martial art would be good.|||get yourself a revolver. done.|||ok well...i had self defence at skool and he was a black belt in tae kwando or something. he didnt actually teach us any, but he told us some good moves.

if u get attacked...yell fire rather then help. ppl tend to ignore cries for help, but fire tends to attract lots of ppls attention.

if ur walkin to ur house or car, and theres ppl around, wait til theyve gone, or, have the key out in ur hand, and have a key ready to use as a weapon should the need arise. if u have the push button lock on ur car, dont unlock the car until ur at the door, coz someone can get inside ur car b4 ur in it. lock the doors when travelling thru surburbia to prevent ppl gettin in ur car with u.

should someone attack u, dont go automatically for %26quot;below the belt%26quot;, instead try kickin them in the shins or a punch in the chest.

hope it helps|||Well a kick to the privates of the attacker is the universal

self defense method. If some one grabs you from behind around the neck lock your chin to your collarbone. You%26#039;ll still be able to breath. Combined with a quick stamp on his foot you could probably stun him and get away. There are releases you can perforn if grabbed on the arm. Snap you wrist out between the weak spot between thumb are forefinger. A excellent scream is very effective. When walking alone carry your keys between your fingers so if you had to hit someone the poking out keys would make an added deterent. Clench your fist real hard. Try not to travel alone late at night. Before you get out of your car drive around the block to see if %26quot;undesirables%26quot; are hanging around. While still in your car scope out where your going. Plan where you%26#039;d run in the event of an emergency. Being panic%26#039;ed in an unknown place is scary enough. Having a back up plan may make you feel more secure and give you peice of mind. I%26#039;m not sure if they have it in Italy or not but buy yourself some pepper spray and carry it in your hand when you are most vulnerable. Good luck and

God Bless!|||The most basic one: aki-iage and aki-sage

This is done when someone tries to hold your wrist.

1. spread the palm of your hand where the attacke is holding your wrist.

2. hold this position in your palm with your shoulders relaxed

3. with cat like speed, thrust your hand with your spread out palm downward (this would off-balance anyone) and simultaenously kick the groin(if male) or the stomach(if female)

when the attacker is holding both wrists.

1. do #1 and #2 on the first part.

2. with the speed of an ionized particle, thrust your left hand downward and your right hand upward toward the attacker and simultaenously kick the groin (if male) or the stomach (if female)

if forgot the terms but aki-iage probably means rising sun and aki-sage means falling moon or vice versa.

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